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a new question and baby pics

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and baby number 1 (swan)
baby#2 (lilo)
baby #3 (rosie)
and finaly #4 (Sparrow)
and all of them
and a more recent pic
ok so tomorrow they will be three weeks, is it normal for them to be wanting mommys food?? Savannah is on premium kitten food in her nest to eat as she wants .. but they just started sniffing and mewling around her dish, but it is too high for them to reach
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Cute, however some links didn't paste.
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Still not working.....
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when you are on photobucket the code you need to copy and paste is the IMG code. I think there is a way to resize on there too. good luck getting the pics up.....from what i can see they are gorgeous! x
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Awwww!!! Look at that pile of kittens!!!!

Yes - upload images to photobucket, you can edit them including the size and then there is a series of links underneath each image. Click on the IMG link and it automatically copies the link. Embed that in your post and the pic will come up automatically.
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Aw just been on to the last link to the album and they are very very cute!!
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she is moving them cause they are crying alot ... they really want mommys food should i soften some food ore get kmr and supplement savannahs milk??
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awwww!Sooo cute!
Congrats to Savannah!
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little man started eating his mammas food right around 3 weeks. it was hard kitten food! I heard him crunching away one night I was shocked! he wanted NOTHING to do with the soft food or anything went right to the hard food. even when I softened it with KMR he wouldn't touch it. I would just leave it out where they can get to it and let them have a try if they want
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