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Welcome home Danny!!!!

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Well, I brought Danny home today. Just some background for those that don't know, he's a clinic cat where I work. He's 7 mo old (about 3 weeks younger than Harvey). He's a brown classic tabby who is so handsome! He's very shy around new people though, so he gets stressed at work. He's fine with our other 9 clinic cats and any cat that comes in. So, I decided to try it out! And so far, I'm very optimistic!

I kept him in the bathroom for about an hour because he HATED the car. He was yowling and panting and it was not a good ride. Both Luke and Harvey were right outside the bathroom, occasionally hissing.

Well I let Danny out and the boys both ran. Danny has been roaming around, purring up a storm. He's had some encounters with Luke which have gone fairly well. Some hissing from Luke, but Luke isn't running away. They will sit next to each other and are both fairly unbothered. Harvey on the other hand....

I knew that would be the real test. Harvey is used to being momma's baby. He has to keep Danny in his sights at all times but anytime Danny get's within ten feet of him he'll hiss and run. He's definitely not instigating anything, which I was worried about.

Well, I'll keep you all updated on the acclimation! And pics of Danny to come this weekend when I finally get my camera cord back, .
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That's wonderful! Welcome to your new home Danny!
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Congrats! Welcome home Danny!
Great news that there's no fighting, they'll get along just great soon!
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Congratulations Your great for giving Danny a home
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