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I've got a Lap Kitty...I can't believe it!:)

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In the past couple of months, I've noticed Echo becoming more & more lovable to me. She's never been a lapcat even though I've always wanted her to be one. In the past 3 days, she can not get enough of me! Every time I sit in front of my computer, she's begging to get up on my lap. When I sit on the couch, she practically stumbles over herself to get up there ASAP. She's always slept with me on my bed, but lately she's been laying ON me instead of beside me. I'm not even bribing her with treats to do this!

Don't get me wrong, I love the attention she is giving me...but I need some "me time"!LOL!

Also, dumb question here. Should I be worried about this behavior? I wouldn't think it would be a medical thing or etc, but my gut feeling tells me that this is not normal for her. Anyone elses cat do this?
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Sounds like your furbaby Echo is just wanting some extra TLC to me. Is she expecting or anything like that?

Love my kitties
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Nope she's not expecting. Took care of that issue when she was a kitten! She's almost 6 years old and it seems odd that she would suddenly start this. Maybe once the cats reaches a certain age, they start slowing down & wanting more "good" attention?
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I don't think I would be too concerned Shell, is she being vocal with you? Like she is trying to tell you something?? I know what you mean by needing time to yourself, but it is still soo great knowing you're loved by your babies!
edited to add that Fluffy is not a lap top kitty either...she hates to be held,,she will lay by your side and meows at you if she wants you tot alk to her, but she just is a touchy feely girl...she will not sit in anyone's lap or get affectionate with anyone except Rocky...she does seem to latch on to my daughter Amber more than anyone in the household for some reason.....
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She isn't anymore vocal than before. She only meows when something REALLY bad, but other than that she's pretty quiet. Oh, she'll hiss at our dog if it gets too close, but she's always done that.

She just paws at my legs until I uncross them so she can crawl up on my lap. She's so darn cute about it! It's like a tap tap tap "Hello Mom, did ya miss me? I know I've only been gone for about 30 seconds, but I'm BACKKKKK!".
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She sounds like she is being such a love bug tonight!!
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OMG Kathy! That's exactly what I called her tonight! She was curled up on my lap, stretched her arms at me & gave me that look of unconditional love. I told her "Oh Eckie, you're Mommy's lil love bug!".
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I've noticed with Ophelia, who is only 3, she will just all of a sudden make a huge leap in terms of affection to me. She is Daddy's girl, but about every 6 months she will accept something from me that she never has before. Like last weekend, she decided she wanted Mommy Loves, and she even let me kiss her on the cheek!!!! I would have gotten smacked had I tried that before, but she took it in strike and even lifted her little head for more kisses. So maybe Echo just decided it was time for some loves, and now she's making up for 6 years without lap time!
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Spike isn't one to give affection either. He will sleep next to me... knead the blanket that's either beside me or on me, and curl up into a little ball. As a baby, he would sleep on top of me, or my head, but grew out of it by about 4 months or so. Recently, he would be oddly affectionate when I would be knitting my throw-blanket... he loved kneading it and sleeping on it.. and on ME if I was underneath it. So maybe there's hope that one day he'll turn into a real lapcat! (Although it makes it very hard to get up to potty, etc when you need to, and you have a cat on top of you. )
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i think when cats get older they get more affectionate! my boyfriends cat jade is 19 this year beleive it or not! and all her life shes been a really moody and unaffectionate cat, if u tried to pat her for more than 5 seconds she would attack you, and you could never pick her up!she would go off in the garden and only come in for food.. only in the past 3 yeas or so shes really come out of her shell, she likes to be around people, and now she like to jump on your lap and rubs against you, its really weird, cuz shes always been a VERY independant cat, but its nice, now she will sleep on the bed with luke (she used to sleep in her own chair in the lounge).

i think shes getting a bit senile too because sometiems she will start crying in the other room, like shes lost and doesn't reconise where she is, and when you walk into the room to see what shes meowing about she will run up to you so happy to see you "omigwad , am i glad to see you!" ..LOL shes a funny cat now
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