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revolution application

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Okay so I'm afraid I applied Jake's revolution too low closer to the shoulders rather than in the neck...It's always hard for me to find the place. When he tries to scratch he is able to reach the area and tries to lick it. Does anyone have experience with this? Is it really bad?
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I dunno why I posted this here. I think I meant to post it in the health section.
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I have applied revolution too low, like right between the shoulder blades on my 2 kitties and within 10 minutes they had licked it. I didnt see them lick it and all I saw was them start to run around like mad and salivate like crazy. I thought they were dying and scooped them up and drove to the vet its 5 minutes away. The tech wisked them around back after I explained what happened and within 5 minutes the doctor came out and explained I had applied it too low and they washed it off and they'd be fine, and they were. so if its still recent that you put it on wash it off and they should be fine.
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I've JUST gone through the same thing this past week!

I applied Frontline between her shoulder blades (per the instructions) and of course she ended up being able to reach it. She got in a couple licks and definitely found it unpleasant, but she's fine. My husband and I watched her for the first couple hours after initial application to make sure she didn't have a severe reaction. We tried to keep her from licking the spot as much as we could, but she still tried to lick it every so often, being repulsed every time (you'd think she'd learn after the first attempt!). This was 2 days ago, and Alpine is just fine. Next month we'll try to put the stuff more on the back of her neck and see if that escapes her tounge!

I read the other day that one lady had to deal with multiple cats that actually would lick the stuff off of each other!
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wow I'm sure glad I'm not the only one who's done this!! I felt really guilty at first..thankfully Jake stopped licking it after he tried it and found it really gross. He didn't salivate or go crazy and he's okay now but I'm still watching him.
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glad to hear Jakes doing well. sounds like he's smart too not licking too much. sometimes i wonder how smart my little ones are, BTW I think they think they can fly the way they get going 'round here we call it kitty nascar that leads to kitty astronauts........... lol
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I'm glad Jake is fine. I haven't had this happen yet (only applied Revolution 2x's so far), but I do worry about that so I get ready to play with Beau immediately after the application. It does take a while to dry, but I try to keep him busy so he won't be licking at the spot. He certainly does try to get to the spot though, no matter how I try to distract him.
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It is fine if they ingest a little bit. I'm pretty sure there is some info about this on the leaflet inside the pack.
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Thanks, he's been doing good nothing unusal has happened. I wonder if that application is still effective though...He didn't lick a lot of it off but he definitely scratched that spot..
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Yup I'm pretty sure it's abosorbed into the bloodstream or something fancy...
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