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Update on kittens with pics

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Kittens are now going to be 2 weeks on Saturday!

Here are some pics, but will update again soon as they all have their eyes open now and are wobbling around their box like mad!! They are sooo cute! Anyway the 2 black & whites are boys and the ginger is a girl!

We've called the black and white with the white tipped tail 'tipsy' and the other black and white 'topsy' and the ginger is 'tango' - she does get in some funny sleeping positions!!

With big brother Ziggy who helps care for them, washes and stimulates them etc..!!

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They are adorable The cat in the last picture is a male?
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little cuties
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Thanks for sharing the pictures. My Domino looks like "Topsy"!
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Yes the cat in the last pic - Ziggy is definately a male! We were surprised as well, but we had him from when he was born nearly 2 years ago from Pixies first litter. I posted pic of him on here at the time and everyone thought he was probably a she because of all his ginger, making him tortie like! But he is just a very colourful tabby! We ended up keeping him as he had a bad eye infection from just 2 weeks old and he had to have an operation in the end to save the eye! He never let anything bother him though and is such a happy chap!! He absolutely adores the kittens and helps out whenever he can, like a dad! They crawl up to him too and love the attention!

Just so you can see how bad his eye was as a kitten (despite numerous visits to the vets and about a dozen different antibiotic eye ointments) here is a pic:

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Poor lil gut his eye ooked bad!He is sure a cutie
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aww, a female ginger - that is not all that common, i guess...something like only 25-30% of orange tabbies are female, i very cool! and adorable!
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Aww, they're soo cute!
Your poor Ziggy! His poor eye! At least he's alright now
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