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New Cat in the House!

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Hello All~
Today was the first day we had brought our new cat, Nakita, into the house to meet everyone here. We have 2 dogs, and another cat. We have found that by bringing each cat's scents into the house for about 2 weeks, that the cats are not really an issue; the dogs are. Nakita, the new kitty, seems to be quite afraid of the dogs, and hisses and growls. Another sound that I have never heard before, is a whining sound. I am not sure what this sound is, but Nakita has been doing it all afternoon. He hisses at the dogs, and this whining sound comes out when he is with the other cat. They seem to be adjusting quite well, though, but I am just curious on how long this "adjustment period" will last. Does it depend on the overall situation, or is there a sort of guidline time that I can go by to chart the adjustments?

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It's great that Nakita has finally been allowed in. In terms of settling in with the other cat, it is difficult to say, as all cats are different. Try the usual intro techniques (covered in detail elsewhere in the site). Sorry, being a computer no-hoper I don't know how to add links to this post to direct you to these threads.

Maybe someome else can help?
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Hey Clint,

I also brought home a new cat home 2 days ago, and they are going through the adjusting period. I have read many articles online, and all articles say the adjusting period may take as short as a few days, or as long as a few months. However, since Nakita is gettling along with your cats, it might not take that long from Nakita to get to know the dog through the help of two cats.

Remember, cats have their own schedule, just be patient.

Hope it helps. Jean
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