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My cat loves to lick the faucet in the bathroom and he also
licks the windows and ledges, is this normal?
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The faucet licking is pretty typical cat behavior. They find water fascinating, and they like cold, fresh water. My cat sometimes licks the shower walls after I get out of the shower. He also loves to watch water go down the drain, paw in it, and then lick his paw. Maybe you could leave the faucet dripping for kitty to play in and drink from? (Unless you pay for town water, that is)....

the windowsills, etc I really am not sure why a cat would do that unless there is something on them which is appealing??? just make sure you don't use any cleaning chemicals in places where kitty likes to lick!
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Yea I do turn the water on when I'm in the bathroom. My other cat used to do that...but the window and ledge is strange...He does not even lick me...
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