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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, April 29th!

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Good Morning! It's a beautiful spring morning, with plenty of sunshine and a nice cool breeze. I sure hope it helps get rid of some of the standing water, from all of the recent rains! I can't wait to get out in my garden!!!

Here's todays Question Of The Day.

Are you concerned about the recent outbreaks of Swine Flu? Are you taking any extra precautions?

I'm not too worried about it yet. Since I'm a nurse, I am used to washing my hands's so second nature, that I don't even have to think about it. I'm also really a homebody. I rarely go anywhere besides work and the grocery store. One of the doctors that I work with went to Cancun for spring break, but it's been three weeks, so I think he probably lucked out and wasn't exposed.

I'm more worried about my sister, who lives in San Diego, just because of her proximity to Mexico. Of course, she's a lot like me: A nurse, and a home body, so maybe she'll be able to avoid it too!
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I'm not worried about myself. I am, however, worried about DH. He manages an Aldi store and is in contact with 100s of people daily. He also has a compromised immune system because he has CLL and diabetes. When he does become sick, even with a cold, I worry that it will develop into something more.
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I am not really to worried about myself because I am in resonably good health and I take percautions. However it is kind of worriesome when you hear the stats, and see how fast they are rising.
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I am not worried about it but people are worried about me! Its allergy season and I am experiencing allergy symptoms, some which are the same as flu symptoms. I have…. or rather Had a very busy day today but people who keep coming by my office see me sniffling and take off, and I don’t see them again. I’ve had 3 meeting cancellations today as well due to my allergy symptoms. Cant say I blame people, but its weird all of the sudden being totally outcasted lol.
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I am not concerned about it.
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My city isn´t the Hurricane eye, BUT we are taking extra caution about it my friends...
The School was suspended until wednesday of the next week, the goberment made recomendations as not go to malls and places with crowd people etc....
Did I made this recomendations?...YES... wash my hands more often and use gel antibacterial.......
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I'm not worried... yet.
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Concerned about it in general, but not for myself personally. I'm basically healthy, don't remember the last time I had a flu of any kind, generally do as a matter of course the things that are recommended precautions. And, thus far it seems to be confined to people who have picked it up in Mexico, and doesn't seem to be being transmitted otherwise. Of course, that could change at any time, but at the moment, I'm inclined to think that usual precautions are sufficient and otherwise it's best to just get on with life.
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
Are you concerned about the recent outbreaks of Swine Flu? Are you taking any extra precautions?
No, I'm not concerned. It's no airborne: It's spread hand-to-mouth. So the simple act of practicing good hand cleanliness goes a long way in prevention. And I'm a hand washing fanatic. I make a conscious effort to keep my hands away from my face unless they've been freshly washed.
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I'm not worried about it. I always wash my hands.
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Nope, not at all. It's the tail end of flu season and I don't make a habit of sticking my fingers in my mouth all of the time.

I'm more concerned that people are suspending all of their common sense. As I've said, keeping kids out of school, closing schools, workers staying home, and even business closing it much worse.
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Not worried - just practice good common sense and hand-washing. But just in case, we have two packets of Tamiflu in the house -sent by my brother when avian flu was the big scare. The doses are good until this fall. My mom is elderly and I'm her caregiver.
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Not worried. I wash my hands enough and just following normal common sense hygiene practices.
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I'm not worried. Maybe if I heard about it 2 weeks ago I would have freaked out, seeing as I felt as though I had the flu (turned out to be bronchitis).

There are 17 suspected cases in the state I live in, all about 3 hours north of me. I do know there are a couple people at a local company using face masks, but I really dont think there is a need right now.

One of my co-workers says because I had bronchitis I may have had swine flu and she follows me with Lysol spray Its been 2 weeks.
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I'm not terribly worried - the 3 suspected cases are 9 hours away from me. I'm always washing my hands too.

I am worried for those in Mexico though.
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