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Kitty beating up the new kitten

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Well, you'd think I'd take the good advice I've read here over the weeks about introducing new kittens by keeping them separate, etc. As I mentioned yesterday, we got a new 12 week old kitten yesterday and went ahead and allowed him to have contact with our resident cat, 1 1/2 year old Kitty (also male, neutered).

Things didn't go badly, no hissing, etc., but the more time progressed, resident cat Kitty started kind of stalking and biting the new kitten on the neck, causing him to meow a few times.

Today, Kitty slept all day as usual, and the kitten roamed the house freely and had a fine time. As evening progressed, Kitty seemed to become more aggressive again.....ever since the new kitten has arrived Kitty's (resident cat) pupils have been very dialated and he just seems to be kind of stalking/chasing the kitten this evening and aggressively trying to bite him on the neck.

It's just the way Kitty is doing this kind of frightens me.

Is separating them really going to stop behavior like this on Kitty's part?

I am going to get some Feliway tomorrow, but any insight would be helpful.

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I just tried the vanilla trick and it seemed to help for a few minutes. Kitty (existing) sniffed up the new kitten pretty intensely and didn't attempt to bite/nip him for a little while. Then a bit of rough play started again although it did seem a bit more mutual.

I decided to throw in the towel for the night and put Simba to bed in his closed off bathroom for the night.
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It really is a good idea to keep them separate at first until they can get used to the each other. Resident kitty needs to get used to the fact that he is no longer solo cat, and new kitty needs to adjust to a brand new space he now occupies. Opening them up to each other so soon, can cause some aggression to come into play. Plus, if the new kitty has not been to the vet, they need to stay apart until a vet gives the all clear.

Try the trick with the long string and the toy tied on each end, running the string on the floor under the door, leaving a toy on each side. If you have catnip spray, spritz the toys lightly to give them interest. They will meet in play, with a door between them, and investigate each other under the door.

Also do the towel trick, again, if the new kitten has been to the vet and not brought any little parasitic skin crawly with it

Good luck!
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Rocky did this when we got Fluffy...I think he is just letting her know he is the boss of the house since he was there first..being the dominant one....I think it is totally normal behaviour....I used the water bottle a few times(not very many) with Rocky when he got rough with FLuff since she was so much smaller than he was and it didn't take but 2 or 3 times and in about a week they were best buds! I never had to use Feliway or anything....Good Luck though and hang in there...the eye thing...Rocky still does this to Fluffy sometimes, since now, she is the instigater and starts it all the time and asks for it...he doesn't really hurt her though..

edited to add something

I didnt know the new kitty hadn't been to the vet yet...since that being, I would keep them seperated until you make sure she has been seen and all is well...Good Luck though!
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Hi Mary Anne & Rock&Fluff'smom

Thanks for answering.

New kitty has been to the vet today and all is clear with him (except for that testy testicle thing ).

Now that they have been together, will it be effective to keep them apart like this? I will try this tomorrow. Do you think it is OK to have the new kitten out while Kitty spends his normal day sleeping all day in front of the basement window?

ps. You assume I have a door that isn't tight to the floor! I'll have to figure one out!
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Ohh ok..well since he has been to the vet, I think it is quite alright then for them to be together....How old is the new kitten again? as long as he gets it done(nutered) eventually, things will be alright....they sound like they are acting just normal as the way though..until Rocky got really use to Fluffy, she slept in our hallway bathroom...he couldn't relax with her at night time wondering around the house...he always slept right by the bathroom door though.....they were a match made in heaven!.After a week...she didn't sleep in there anymore....and he was able to relax knowing she wasn't a threat to him....
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Actually the kitten is about 10 weeks old, I just checked on the calendar.

The next few days I may try to separate them a bit more and try what Hissy says. I can just tell that Kitty (existing) is agitated around this new kitten -- with his wide eyes, etc. Now that the kitten is bedded down behind closed doors for the night Kitty has finally relaxed and has laid down calmy in front of my computer.

I just don't want him to hurt the little guy!

ps. What I meant about the testicle thing was something I mentioned in another post -- the vet says his testicles have not 'come down' yet, which is a little unusual.
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ohh ok..i wasn't sure...sorry..
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OK, here's my progress for the day. I decided to separate our upstairs and downstairs areas between the two kitties. Check out these blockage 'play walls' I built with the little holes for toys as Hissy suggested! They are made of that foam type board from Office Max.

I also got Feliway and sprayed it all around (couldn't find the plug in type) and also rubbed a towel between the two and placed it in a conspicuous spot with treats on it for big Kitty to find.

Now, I guess to just wait....and see....

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Boy, it's stories like this that have me so nervous about bringing a second kitty home in a couple weeks.

BTW, beautiful kitten!
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Please know that I stupidly chose to ignore all of the good advice about keeping them separated for it is really my fault entirely!
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LOL Amy- very inventive! It will work out, they just need to adjust to each other and the kitten needs to get used to the house, you and then resident cat.
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Please keep me posted on your progress. I will be bringing with Callie or Bella home in about 3 weeks. Good luck to you.
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Will do -- hopefully you can learn from my goofups!
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that pic on the stairs is so cute!!

I'm sure they will get along better soon, usually it's the kitten attacking the older one, so it kinda a good sign your older kitty will go after you new kitty. (will play in future)

It is rare that an adult cat would hurt a kitten, and the biting on the neck is a dominant/mate thing.

Lisa, don't be nervous or your cats will pick up on it, and a lot of the time cats like eachother from from the get go!!!!
Ofcourse separating them at first is always best..
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Thanks cookie, I am glad to hear what you have to say.

I really couldn't tell if big kitty is hurting new kitty when he bites on the neck, so that's good to know.

I think leaving the 'play walls' up for awhile can only be good.
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I was in the same situation a few weeks back... Just ignore them, let them go to town... I've attached a pic of my two kitties after they got bored of killing each other...

See picture at this link
My 2 demons
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Your kitties are precious! Thanks for sharing with us.
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Your link does not seem to be working for me.
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The play walls are great!

Jobe that pic is so sweet! I love sleeping together kitties, my Leo and Roxy do too!
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Well, something seems to be working -- Kitty played relatively nicely with the little one this evening -- real play, not aggressive play. He still tried to bite occasionally but he would stop when we told him to. I think a few more days of perhaps a little separation and things will be OK!

Simba is a stinker. He swats Kitty on the tail and then bolts away!

Kitty is so cute -- he is laying outside Simba's closed bathroom door!
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oh thats good that they are playing nice good luck
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Today is a new day! Kitty actually licked and groomed baby Simba this morning and things are going so well! I still have to keep an eye on them and warn him when he is playing too rough, but I think we are over the worst of it. Check these pics (notice my 'towel with kitties scents' laying between them with treats on it (which they ignored)!):

Thanks to all for the encouragement and advice!
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Congrats! I love your pics.
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I am so happy for you!! love the pics post more if you can!
such cute kitties!!!

Love is in thier future!
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Wonderful news!!! It was so great to see those pics - I almost couldn't believe it - that really didn't take very long, did it? I especially love the one where they're eating right next to each other! Congratulations on a job well done.
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