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Switching to raw

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I currently feed my dogs a raw diet and would love to switch my cats to raw,I am looking for advice from other members if there is a big difference in raw feeding dogs and raw feeding cats(besides the amount)Can they eat the same meats?I currently feed chicken as the staple,buffalo,pork,beef as secondary meats,Plus of course organs and such and RMB.
Is figureing out the portion sizes the same for cats as it is for dogs?(i currently do not have the formula i use to figure it out since i am at work).
My cats are 10,8,2ish and 8 weeks.
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I think you can feed the same to dogs and cats assuming what you feed has enough taurine for the cats. Someone who feeds raw to dogs can probably give you a better answer. All the meats you named would be fine for cats. I feed chicken, turkey, game hen and beef.

I feed my average sized (~11 lbs) kitties 4 oz a day of raw. They are both relatively low energy. More active kitties might need a bit more.

Good luck with the switch! I hope your kitties take to it right away!
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Yes, the amounts are similar to dogs ... ie 14lb cat at 5-6 oz raw a day and the 15 lb dog ate 6-7 oz ... I feed the cat raw and add veggies in higher amount s for the dog
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