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Rehoming Help

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Is there anyone in the Derby, Nottingham or Staffordshire area of the UK who could rehome 2 beautiful kitties (3 years old, one male one female, both neutered) as their mum and dad are splitting up and will not be able to continue to care for them.I know there are agencies such as Cats Protection who would help but we don't want the kitties to go to a cattery if possible but straight to a loving home.
If anyone can help or has any suggestions I would be very grateful.
These are 2 delightful kitties who will be homeless through no fault of their own.
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Why doesn't one of the couple take the cats? Why do they have to be rehomed??? I don't get this! We have had people unload animals before because of divorce. What - neither person wants the cats? Why did they have them in the first place? They can't work it out? Sheesh!

I'm not railing at you, but at people's stupidity, meanness and small-mindedness.
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The couple in question are family members actually. They have 1 other cat who is staying at the house and the young lady has to pay the morgage and find a lodger to help to pay the bills. Her partner has to move out and will have to find somewhere to rent in the city centre.............they wont let him have a pet. They are both struggling financially.

They are both going through a very traumatic time and are trying to do what is best for their pets who they love very much.

They are neither stupid, mean or small minded.
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