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Luna Pictures!

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I have a couple pic's of Luna snuggled up with her "daddy."

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Another, similar shot:

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That's it, just two!

I thought that was just so cute! I guess he's not a cat-hater anymore! She converted him! LOL! I know she would.
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Awww/..she is soooo sweet!!!!!
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Luna is too cute ... I think I'm in love Such a pretty baby. Glad she has converted your man

Love my kitties
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luna is sooooooooo cute!! and so is your man!! hubba hubba!
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She is so, so beautiful!!!!
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She is a real cutie! Looks like she is being spoiled! Very pretty!
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They're both really cute!!! LOL
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She's got the prettiest eyes! I noticed that in your last set of pictures. They're this really nice color of blue. Looks like she loves your man too.
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What a sweetie! It's no wonder she converted him... who could resist the cuteness?
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Gorgeous! Oh, and the kitten ain't bad either!

Luna's a smart kitten. I'm sure she knew she had you wrapped around her little dewclaw, but she needed to work her cuteness on him!
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Viva, she's absolutely stunning. Post more pictures or email me more pictures..

thats a 'zero' not an 'o'.

Luna is lucky she has a wonderful family to care for her.
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wow, she's the cutest little thing! and looks like she's got her "daddy" under control!
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Somebody is a daddy's girl! That is so sweet!
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Viva, Looks like little Luna has settled right in!!
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Cute kitty .
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Hmmmmmmmmmmm I just can't decide which is cuter . ...LOL
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