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Belle and Delilah's New Home!

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We moved a couple of weekends ago from our approximately 600 square foot basement apartment to a 1200 square foot-ish upper level apartment. I'm loving it, but I think Belle and Delilah are loving it even more!

They didn't always think it was too great. The day we moved, I tried to lock them up in the bathroom or bedroom while people were helping us move, but it was difficult in such a small place (not to mention that they hated it and tried to bolt from the room whenever they could!). Eventually, knowing they wouldn't bolt out the door because they were far too scared of all the people, I just let them out. I know it was very stressful for them. We were in and out all day and finally picked them up in our last trip to the new place. Well, that was a chore! It took about 20 minutes to get them in their carrier. They were already stressed, and they don't like the carrier to begin with! We'd get one in, and then she would escape when we tried to put the other in.

When we first got home, the cats went straight into the bedroom and of course, right under the bed once they got out. Delilah came out to explore the bedroom quite quickly, but Belle stayed under the bed for quite a while. Eventually, once all the commotion settled down, they came out to explore a bit.

Well now, they are the queens of the house. They have a long hallway to run down and a ton of huge windows to look through. But the best part? Our screened in patio! At first, they were too scared to even let us carry them out there. However, now, it is their favourite place in the apartment. They are not happy that tonight is cold and I won't let them out there.

Here are a few pics from the new place!

What are they looking at?

The family of squirrels living on our roof!

They could spend hours like this!

I was taking pictures of the new place the other day, and I think a cat inadvertantly made it into all of them.

Delilah, always the brave one, was the first to explore the patio (that needs to be painted a better colour!)

Eventually they both were exploring. Now, they'd spend all day out there if I let them.

Delilah's goal is to get belly rubs in every square foot of the apartment. Everytime I walk near her, she assumes this position.

Belly wants to make sure she's not missing out on those rubs!
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Great pics!! Looks like they've settled in very well

Nice apartment too
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Wow, your new apartment is gorgeous! I love the fireplace and hardwood floors. And I Belle and Delilah at the window watching the squirrels. Thanks for all the cute pictures of your belly-rub loving girls. I hope you enjoy your new place!
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Pretty orange girls!

I also the apartment! Looks like everyone is settling in nicely!
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What a great apartment! It's lovely to see the girls all settled in and loving their new home. I wouldn't mind snuggling up with them in the closed-in porch.
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Wow! Nice place and all that room! Congrats!
Yep, it looks like the kitties love it! What cat wouldn't with all those windows!!
Aren't screened in patios wonderful? I have one too
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Such cute kitties I am glad they settled in well
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I love that they have built in entertainment (squirrels) a lovely apartment
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
I love that they have built in entertainment (squirrels) a lovely apartment
LOL....their CatDVD isn't being used too much these days. I think they'd rather watch the real squirrels!

Thanks for the compliments on the apartment, everyone!
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