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An Amazing day full of Amazing News

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I am so so so excited! First of all, I've been struggling as a PhD student, on PhD student salary for the past two years. I each year I apply for government funded scholarships, but they are obviously very competetive, but this year I GOT IT!!!! which means I get a pay raise (yes! yes! yes!) as well as a research allowance which my proff said I can use towards a new computer and attending a conference in Europe....

Secondly my SO got pre-approved for a mortgage today. We got the mortgage based on his salary alone and a 5 % downpayment (even though we can afford more). He has a bonus that he didn't include in the pre-approval and of course my salary which means we should be good to afford all our bills etc. so this summer is HOUSE HUNTING! (which also means I can adopt a dog)...............

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Wow, congrats, what a bunch of great news all happening at once!
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Awesome, congrats. As a fellow PhD student, I can appreciate how important that pay raise is.
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Thats fantastic news!! Im happy for you!
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Really great news!!!
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great news Happy house hunting
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Congrats and best wishes!
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Congrats! It's nice to hear good news!
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Wow that's fantastic! A conference in Europe, awesome!!!
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That's awesome! How exciting to be house hunting - it's a good time to buy! `
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Great news!! Congrats! Keep us updated when you find a house!!
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Lise, that is wonderful news. Have fun with house hunting - I always enjoyed the looking and shopping for a new house.
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