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winnie lost her mucus plug!

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She has some greenish discharge from her vagina. I have her confined to the bedroom and her nest is in the room. She is still walking around and wanting to be loved on. How long should it be before the kittens arrive?
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Greenish discharge means really soon. Anytime..... Good Luck!
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i am so excited! i had to bring my boyfriend to the dr and i can not wait to get back home.
i went to college in denton btw. its a neat town.
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Good luck Winnie!!
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Good Luck Winnie
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Winnie had 4 kittens. Two little tuxedo cats, one solid black, and one orange as far as I can tell. I think she is finally finished. She had a huge afterbirth about 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter that she ate. Does that mean she is finished. She is soo tired. When should I expect her to start eating again? I bought some kitten milk for her. My other cats love kitten milk as a treat. Also what should the temp in the bedroom be. This is where her nest is located. It is about 75 - 76 F now.
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Congratulations! Hope to see some pictures soon.

The placentas are very rich in nutrition, so if she ate them all she probably won't be hungry for a while. Just put her regular food close to where she's staying with the kittens and she'll get it when she's ready.

My personal preference would be to have the room a little warmer, but as long as mom is cuddled up with the babies they should be fine. Where do you have them right now? Put a towel or blanket inside a pillowcase to make a bed for them. The towel will give them something soft to lay on and the pillowcase will keep little baby claws from getting caught in the material.
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they are in a huge cage we bought for two of our kittens to sleep in when my grandparents kept them while we were on vacation, it is about 36 inches tall, 48 inches deep and 36 inches wide. There are two blankets in the cage and I have three sides of it covered with a thin blanket. Winnie is eating very well this morning and being very lovey. How long should i wait to touch a kitten? i can barely stand it!
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If Winnie doesn't object, you can start handling the kittens any time. You might start by petting them and petting her at the same time. Then you can pick them up one at a time for just a minute or two, making sure you keep them in Winnie's sight. If she starts getting agitated, put the baby back immediately. If she trusts you already, she's likely to trust you with her babies. You can do this several times a day. It's good to get them used to being handled early.

Do you have any pictures yet?
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Congratulations If Winnie doesn't mind. I would touch the babies right away. I handled Mama's babies every day. I can't wait to see pictures
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Congrats to Winnie and her babies!
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How is Winnie doing?
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Winnie is doing great. She is bleeding a little off and on, but not bad at all. She is being such good mother. She is still a kitten herself. She is only about 6 to 8 months old I would guess. She has been eating like nobodies business!
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Have you had the Bleeding checked? Bellatrix stopped any bleeding within minutes/hours of having litters.
A while back a friend called me round to hers as her cat had given birth a few days before and she wasn't "right" she looked ok....tired but ok and was lying behind the sofa with her kittens I put my hand down to pet her and she felt very hot on her ears ( i know not a very reliable way to tell temp) and was panting slightly she then jumped up and was indeed bleeding I stayed with my friends children whilst she took the cat to the vets and although she had delivered all the placentas the Vet suspected she had retained some product of birth he palpatated and said it could just be a small broken piece of placenta and prescribed antibiotics to treat the infection and a follow up. She was fine but its always best to be on the safe side.
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No I have not taken her to the vet. She was only spotting a little. I changed the linens in the cage yesterday and i have not noticed any blood or discharge on the sheets. Do you think I should take her? Also she has been wanting to come out and see the other cats a little bit. Is that okay? When the babies are sleeping she follows me to the door of my room and peeks out. She will sit in the door but i have not really let her around them much.
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She's what.... 4 days past labour? so If she's fine in herself and not showing any signs of distress, panting, being over warm or unsettled you could leave her 24 hours to observe, see if it is the tail end of labour bleeding but keep a close eye on it ....It may be worth giving your vet a call for advice if you are able to do so....its a difficult call to make as If there was an infection it would need sorting out quickly or it could be just a mild bit of after spotting. ...
If she's up and about and curious about the other cats I'd let her go and see them but keep them away from the nest.
You sound like a great momma and Winnie is lucky to have you looking out for her! Hope all is well....keep us posted
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Some spots of watery looking blood is normal for a few days. If it's bright red you need to take her to the vet.

Has she been around the other cats before? As long as they're all healthy there's no reason they can't be together. Momma cat definitely needs a break from her babies once in a while.

Do you have pictures? We love pictures.
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she has only been around the other cats briefly about 3 days before she had the kittens. she is affectionate toward another cat that i have that is around the same age. they didn't really have any confrontations before she had the kittens. she would just come and sit in the living room with the family and the other cats. she may just be tired of me and wants to see the rest of the family.

here are the pics i have now:
i will take some newer pictures tomorrow and add them.
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awwww!They're so adorable!!! Your cream one looks like my little guys
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