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OMG Twins!!!

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I've known my sugar glider had a baby in pouch for a while. I've always read that if there are two joeys (babies) there are usually two "bumps" and she only had one, so I figured it was just one baby... Today I saw the babies out of the pouch for the first time-- and yes, there are two!!
I am so excited!! At least one of them is a boy which means likely they are both boys.
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Awww!! But where are the pics??
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Aww bless them all!

Any pics?
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Ok I got pics! These are not very good, they were only out for a short time so this is the best I could get. At this point they don't move around on their own, but they ride on the parents' backs. When they were out one of them was trying to go back in mom's pouch the whole time...

I added arrows because it's a bit hard to find them. The one on the right has his head going into mom's pouch, the one on the left is riding on the father.
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awww congrats!!!!
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aww cute!

we went to hold the sugar glider babies at college, but the stupid lecturer was too scared to get them out! So I tried getting one and she slammed the cage door on my arm because she was 'freaked out' by it

So after all that waiting and getting excited about finally holding one, I have missed my chance thanks to that silly woman
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