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Squrrel meat

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A friend of mine just gave me some.

Anyone know how to cook it?
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I found this online.......
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Have no idea - my first cat Mitten was a pretty good squirrel hunter and had a few meals of raw squirrel!
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Thanks. I've decided to do a Cacciatore in my pressure cooker.
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Had Squirrel Cacciatore for dinner. It was rather good. Not unlike dark-meat chicken, but with a certain nut-like flavor. Any of my hunting friends who have some squirrel meat to dispose of will certainly find a willing recipient in me.

Zane got a bit; he inhaled it and asked for more.
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I had fried squirrel once. Pretty freakin' good if I remember.
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Besides having someone hunt squirrel, how else can you get it lol Im kinda tempted to try it if i can get it. I know back when my dad was young he used to eat wild hares, and other things probably even squirrel.
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I've never tasted squirrel, but I've heard from others that it tastes like chicken.
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BTW I've had fried groundhog - IMO it tastes more like wild duck then chicken.
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Squirrel tastes more like rabbit to me.
Like dark meat chicken, but with an obvious game meat taste.

Fried squirrel and gravy was a staple breakfast item when I lived in the South.
Squirrel stew was also a favorite.
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My dad's mom made pot pies out of 'em....
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Awww I could never eat one of those cute little things! I absolutely love squirrels

Bambi and Peter Cotton Tail are out of the question too!
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