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balding kitten?

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Hello! for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of reading my first post I'm a foster for a local rescue, we take in preggers and mothers with kittens.

Cinnamon, who came to us recently from a rather disgusting situation recently gave birth to 5 kittens, which became 4 after she smoshed one the other day. She's a first time mom, still being a kitten herself at only 7 months old (so the people that surrendered her say)

Well the smallest of her kittens, an adorable solid black, has been loosing her fur over the past three days. The mother was on medicine for coccidia before delivery but I think if it was a medical reaction all the kittens, or at least more than one would be affected? Any other ideas for the balding? she's almost 2 weeks and 250g which is about 9oz, the grey one is a smidge bigger and the tabby ones are 300g, or 10oz.
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Hopefully, it isn't ringworm. Do you see circular patches of dried/red skin? If so, get a vet's opinion. They can do a skin scraping and make sure. He may prescribe Lime Sulfur dip (which stinks like rotten eggs and dyes white fur yellowy-green but really gets rid of the fungus). He may also prescribe a fungal cream, although Lamisil works, too.

If it is ringworm, be careful about yourself, as it is infectious. I hope it isn't!
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Have you seen the mother washing the kittens? Maybe she's over grooming that one.
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if anything she's under grooming it. The hair loss is all over the body, not confined to one spot. The mother isn't going to win any awards for motherly behavior any time soon either. No signs of ringworm.

its worse today. She's beginning to look like a sphinx cat-- but they're born hairless.
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