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Strange Taste...

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This is along the lines of ScottF's post last week about his cat liking tofu and tobasco...

My bf put some snacks in a bowl, peanuts and tortilla chips (why he has to mix snacks, i don't know, but that's another issue). Genever, being like she is, had to jump on the couch and sniff to see what's good. She stuck her head in the bowl, I thought she might lick the salt off a chip, but no!

She starts munching the peanuts, like it's dry food!! OK... different, never thought a cat would like a peanut, but she, dare i say it, she went NUTS over them! So i quickly googled cats and peanuts and checked on here to make sure she wouldn't die, and I guess they're ok. She's ok anyway. This cat has NEVER failed to keep me amazed and in wonder...
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The only food I've ever found that Riley won't eat is bananas. And he still tries every single time. He loves loves loves pickles and mandarin oranges the best.
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Mitzi loves olives....like cat nip she drewels and paws for them. I never would of guessed until she dug an empty jar out of the garbage and was licking the Gibbers out of it.

My first kittens loved brussel sprouts and tacos.
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Princess will go nuts over any kind of noodle and she and Nemo both LOVE salad???? LOL
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