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Firefox Issues

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I've been having issues with Firefox 3 and earlier versions. I'm not sure what else to do. The problem is that browser sticks or lags every few minutes- if that makes sense. I've tried uninstalling and clean installs but I'm getting the same problem. I don't have the problem with Opera but I prefer to use Firefox. I also get a lot of crashes and unresponsive scripts. Any suggestions about what to try?
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There was a recent update. But if you're getting bugs you really need to pass those on to the mozilla team, they need to know.
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This is going to sound strange, Bryan, but it's worth a try. Uninstall whatever version you now have, and then install the latest version in a foreign language. Use it for a day or two, add bookmarks, etc., and then install the latest English version without uninstalling the foreign-language version. It will replace the latter while keeping the bookmarks, add-ons, skins, etc..

My husband was having trouble with FF "sticking" after the latest update, and doing the above solved the problem. He has XP, and I uninstalled the latest English version, installed the German one, and then went back and installed the English one after two days.
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I'm fully updated with Firefox. I'll give that a try and see how it goes.
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No joy. I ran with the German version for about a week, then installed the English version over top of it.
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Weird. I'm not sure why it worked on DH's computer. You must have a software conflict. I have the same trouble with Opera, and the only thing they could tell me was that it was probably incompatible with some software on my computer.
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When I run Firefox in safe mode it runs just fine. No crashes, no freezing. I wonder if it may be a problem with one of the plug-ins when running in normal mode.
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Did you recently update your Java to update 10 that caused me a bunch of problems.
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No, I think the most recent upgrade I had for Java was six or seven.
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I had to go back to 3.0.6 because of all the issues I had with recent upgrades.
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What I did was go to and got the latest beta version of Foxfire and I've been using it today with no problems.
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I downloaded Firefox so i could see Sarahp's foster cats webcam, but ever since i did it crashes several times so i've went back to Internet Explorer.
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