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is this wrong?

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So my neighbor came over today, she's an feisty elderly lady whom I've known for years but she's always been rude to me until I moved in, in fact she's rude to most people. She wanted me to water her plants while she was away. She came into my house and saw my cat food and bowls, and asked if I had a cat, I told her I have two of them and she asked what they looked like. I told her about my two girls, and she said Kairi (the baby) has been running around her yard and "darting out from under my house" which means she has probably been scaring her. And then she said that she was thinking about getting a cat trap but she wont need one now that she knows its my cat. Then she asked if Kairi was feral, and I'm like NO, she's not even two yet, she's just young and energetic, and loves to play. She didn't believe me though. I have to go over tomorrow to sort out the watering, but the cat trap thing has been really bothering me, whenever I hear cat trap I think of only the worst, of people using them with bad intentions, because she looks like a cat hater, and her other neighbor that I've also known for years, thinks that her cat that went missing years ago was the fault of the old lady. I don't care if she hates cats but her hurting or trapping cats because of it is something else, because I swear if she lays but one finger on my furbabies I will make her pay.

I want to know your opinions about it, should I let it go? could she not be trapping for bad things? should I report her, and who would i report her too? What would you say/should I say to her?

Sorry if this sounds silly but its eating me away and Its upsetting me greatly.
I hope I posted this in the right forum.

Thanks in advance!
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Short of keeping your cats indoors there is no way to ever fully protect your babies from people with bad intentions.

I think one of the big reasons here in the States we choose to keep our pets indoors is because there are so many people in this world who wouldn't think twice about harming a cat that happens into their yards. I know people who have BB guns for the sole purpose shooting at cats, coons, and skunks that come into their yards.

Unfortunately there is most likely nothing that you can do about someone humanely trapping and removing a cat from their property, ie taking them to a shelter or calling animal control. The cat is in fact on their property and if they don't want them there they can do something about it. If you suspect them of animal cruelty you could try to report them to the Humane Society however you need to be able to prove it and at that point it is most likely already to late for your kitty.

My kitties are all indoors with the exception of 3 of them who go out on a harness and lead when I am with them. I would never in a million years trust my one neighbor if one of my cats happened into their yard.
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first of all if this lady has said that she now won't be getting a trap I'd be really happy and believe her

I'd go ahead and water her plants and try to see if you can get into a good neighbourhood relationship with her.

She might simply never have been around cats and might not have anything against them other then not wanting a large cat population around her house. So point out every once and again that yours are neutered and that they catch mice or rats or whatever there is to catch aroud where you live

My grandma also didn't really think much of cats- you can't milk them, they don't lay eggs or do anything else usefull . That is untill our cat would come and accompany her in the mornings while she was having her cup of coffee after we'd been off to school.

Maybe your neighbour will never warm up towards cats like my grandma did, but if they do no harm and you get on with her she might just accept them.

By the way- in Germany a neighbour must live with two outdoor cats per neighbour, as this is considered a normal use of a house and can only demand the removal of cats if more then two are held.


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I do second Cjh´s analysis.

Try to work up the good neigbourship, and this way try to influence this old lady.

Her confusion about feral=wild=lively is very telling... She cant much about cats.

Tell her cases about many cats do lessen pains in their Ma or Pa or even a friendly neighbour. Or at least, giving a nice downstressing rest.
Tell if you want about me: I had stiff right knee + ache - probably something rheumatic. After some months my older cat took as his custom to lie between my knees when I was resting.
The knee problems disappeared.
This happened again one year after... So I dont think it was any coincidence.

Ie. Also a "useless" cat can be very useful, especielly if he is friendly with this human.
She, being a senior citizen, do surely has aches and stiffs... Maybe she will see the light?

ps. She had perhaps bad experience with homeless ferales.
In such case the idea of a human trap isnt necessary bad. If it is done the right way. Ie, help her to get contact with a good rescue group in your vicinity (town). And if she gets in a homeless - let them take over this homeless. All are the winners here!
Several flyes in one punch!
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I would water her plants with some weed-be-gone that'll teach her
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It might just be that the lady thought your kitty was a stray and wanted to get her to the shelter to be adopted. She probably meant well. I wouldn't worry if she said that now that she knows it's your cat she won't trap.
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Originally Posted by dharma3 View Post
I would water her plants with some weed-be-gone that'll teach her

that would be very unfriendly- why would you try to start an unnesessary fight with a neighbour? If she's asked someone to water them they must mean something to her- so why on earth would you consider hurting someones feelings?

Remember- this neighbour might be a bit rude but she hasn't done anything to the cats!


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I would up and ask her in the nicest way possible if she still intends on using a trap around her house. Maybe word it like "I was just curious if you were still intending on getting a trap for your house?" I don't know, you can probably figure out a better way. It would make me nervous too. I would be as nice as possible to her, but... I would find out for sure what her intentions are first. Hope things go well for you and your babies stay safe
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Hi guys, so sorry it took me so long to reply, I've had a busy week.
Well she's away and I will admit I have been naughty, but not on purpose, being such a busy week, I have yet to water her lawn and I was supposed to yesterday, but I plan too tomorrow. I know being mean won't prove or help anything, in fact she'd probably would do something to hurt me. But dharma3, don't think I haven't thought about it! lol .

I just really don't trust people at all, there are too many people here that are just so selfish and cruel, so she is no exception. I know in America it is common for alot of cats to be kept inside, and I understand that, the danger is minimalised greatly, but here in Australia its really not that common. My house is rented, and I know its a big risk. I know how happy it makes my cats to be able to run freely outside in the sunshine. I keep them inside at night. But to me it would be too much to keep them inside. Please know I'm not judging or criticizing your choices at all, I know how much safer it would be, and when they were kittens I kept them inside as long as I could, and slowly let them outside longer and longer and they grew. I could see them yearning to go outside when they were kittens, to run and play in the sunshine, I couldn't keep that from them, even with the risk. But I understand your choices.

I appreciate all your help and ideas.
I'm just going to speak with her about the cat trap and hear what she is thinking. I will give her the benefit of the doubt, but one bad word, or if anything happens she of course will the first one who is blamed.
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Originally Posted by shimmer View Post
I'm just going to speak with her about the cat trap and hear what she is thinking. I will give her the benefit of the doubt, but one bad word, or if anything happens she of course will the first one who is blamed.

Yes, it is an useful sub-variant.

This way, it will be in her own interest to keep your cats healthy and safe, and protect them against evil willains.

But dont threat too openly - as she may suit you for threating...
Of course, reporting her to authorities for cruelty to animals, and or stealing and damaging your property(!) is of course OK. And if you have proofs, she will get a punishment / pay damages and or fines.

Ah, so you live in Australia? Yours problems with ferals are different than in other places.
Ferales arent cats to be rescued this way or another, you have so many wild-living ferales you are hunting them actively...

Tell her lively may be called for wild, but this is NOT the same as ferale.

Ferales although "wild" arent very lively by the way...
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If I were in your shoes, I'd make sure my cats were microchipped if they aren't already. That way if she drops them at a shelter you can get them back.
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