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Daily Thread Tues April 28th

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Morning folks!

My dress fitting is today!!! I hope its all done, and my body doesn't change at all in the next two exciting!

Not much else though...its rainy and warm here today.

2 Months to go!
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Good Morning. DS let us sleep in today. I didn't do any housework yesterday. I was enjoying the quiet instead. Have some laundry to do and vacuuming. I hope to write out some thank you cards from the shower too.

It's another hot day here. Tomorrow we have cooler/normal weather.
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Hello All!!

I got up to quite a scare this morning. When I opened the blinds in our bedroom I saw that the side service door for the garage was open. We still have Bender sleeping in the garage at night! Neil must have forgot to shut it when in came in last night around 7 pm.

My heart was racing as I open the kitchen door to the garage and lo and behold I heard a bell and Bender comes trotting into the house. WHAT A RELIEF!!
I had boughten a red collar with a bell and put it on him on Sunday. He is a bit lazy this morning so I don't know how much "roaming" he did as he olny has been neutered one week.
Needless to say for the next couple of weeks when we will finally keep him in the house at night versus the garage we will be double checking to make sure that door is shut!!

So.... I'm working on my 2nd load of laundry to be hung outside then work in the garden for about 30 minutes or so then get ready for work.

Temps to be in mid 50's today and its sunny.
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Morning, all. Although my eyes are still swollen from crying the entire day yesterday, today is looking up. Of course, I've only been awake for about two hours now, so it's been uneventful, but uneventful is much more preferable to the crap that took the cake yesterday.

Today is my last day of my sophomore year of college. Pretty excited for the summer!
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Morning All!!!

After a nice warm day yesterday we are back into the damp, cold weather. No wonder people are so irritable.

Have to work for a few hours 10:30-2:30 then coming home for a nice soak in the bathtub. My muscles and joints are very stiff and sore from the quick change in weather once again.

Nothing special planned for this evening, I need to brush the kitties and trim their claws. Pixie's have reached the razor stage so the time has come.

They are all window watching this morning.

Everyone have a great day
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Really pretty day here. Warm with blue skies and white puffy clouds. I think the clouds are harbingers of the rain and cooler weather that is supposed to move in at the end of the week. That will actually be closer to our normal Spring weather than the 85 & sunny days we're having right now.

I slept in this morning and petted on the kitties, then got up at about 8:30 to feed them and get ready for work. It's a really pleasant drive to work at that time because all of the traffic has died down, the school zones are finished, etc. I called and scheduled an appointment to have Thufir groomed (a buzz cut really) walking from the car to the office. I'm going to try and get started on my next couple of papers today and then maybe hit the gym for a quick workout on the elliptical machines after work. Nothing special planned tonight, just a quiet dinner at home with the cats and maybe a little TV.
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Oh, wait, yeah, it is morning..

I wish so bad Genever would stop being in the litterbox for 20 minutes at a time!!! At least during the night, when i'm trying to sleep in the same room the box is in. I swear sometimes she doesn't even go, just digs and scratches the !*&%$!^@ walls of the thing!!!! I went and slept on the couch for a while, it was so bad.

Just work today, and I want to call this one vet today to see what the office is like and if i could maybe get an appointment to get established with her. There's only 1 vet registered with AAFP (i think that's it?) in Long Beach, and I'd like to have a cat specialist as Genever's vet. She's fine (knock on wood), but I want to get started before i have to take her in for any problems that might come up, so the vet's got a baseline of her health and all that.

Tomorrow we're going to Disneyland!! There are only 3 people in my company, and my boss bought me an annual pass for Disneyland, and it's a bit of a slow time so we're taking advantage and having a company outing! Yay!
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Good afternoon! I had a noon job interview today. I was nervous. I have NO idea how I did, but not feeling too confident. But it's okay, it was a learning experience for me.

Now I'm going to unwind. I already had lunch with hubby after the interview. Came home to Beau, which made me feel good. Now that I'm starting the job search in earnest, I really want to find Beau a playmate.
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Hey, Nat! Good to see you're still doing the Daily Thread!
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
Hey, Nat! Good to see you're still doing the Daily Thread!
Hiya! Nice to see you too!
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
Hey, Nat! Good to see you're still doing the Daily Thread!
There is my addict friend! I thought I would see you here.
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