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Poo paw!

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One of my kitties has to wear an elizabethan collar for at least a week. One major nasty problem is that when she uses the litter box, she's not quite her usual dexterous self. Somehow she ends up with one paw firmly and deeply embedded in her poo. And she walks out...all over the place. I try to catch her before she leaves the bathroom and boy does she hate the wipedown.

What to do? Plus, the last time, the fur got a very good smearing and the wipedown, which was long and vigorous, couldn't get out a tiny bit of brown
Should I cut the tiny bit of fur?
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my little kitty doesnt have to wear those collars and he still gets poo on one paw almost every time. since mine has super long and thick fur i trimmed his paw hair from under his foot. it helps the situation but doesnt eliminate it. but once there is less fur, less gets stuck and comes off much easier when you whipe. just be careful when you trim.
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She's a shorthair so it's not really a fur issue. She gets it right smushed into her paw. There is a bit of brown that's stuck to the very tips of her fur right now.
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lol i'm sorry i think that's so cute and funny at the same time. i know you dont want her running around like that around the house. i would snip the fur that has the poo... their fur grows so fast anyway.. as long as you dont get the skin. or depending on why she's wearing the collar and if you think it's appropriate and as much as she wont like it, you can wet a cloth with warm (almost hot) water and hold her by the scruff and wipe the poo off slowly. if you wet the area and whipe slow it'll come off easier. i understand how something this simple can be so frustrating. imagine what i go through with my LONG THICK coated kitty. mine has white fur growing under his feet around the pink area of his paws too.
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Simon tends to accidentally poo on one of his back feet sometimes (So I watch him like a hawk when I notice he's pooing..which he doesn't seem comfortable with but he continues with his business with no problem) and I can tell if he does it lately because he bolts out of the box when he's done burying it..walks out normally if there's no poop on it.

lately he's been trying to be more careful it seems.. putting three paws up on the edge of the box and keeping one in the litter while he poos.

So hopefully she'll be able to be more carefully after a few clean ups..Simon loathes having his paws cleaned after a poo so I suspect it's helping him be more clean about it.

Though with your cat.. If the collar is to keep her from licking or something, would it be possible to take it off her when she heads to the bathroom, then put it back on? I'm not entirely familiar with these.
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that used to happen frequently with my cat, he had a very sensative tummy and it has taken a solid year and lord knows have many differant kinds of cat food to find a couple types that work with him...after I found a food his tummy did well with, he stopped having the soft stools and no more mess!

the worst moments was a couple times when we were trying food it would give him very loose stools, and he would come out of the litter box with a dangler...he proceeded to scrape his butt across the floor as though he had wife was laughing her butt off and i was grumbling as i cleaned it up, but was happy the litterbox was in the kitchen and the dangleys were off before he hit carpet,lol.

my advice would be to maybe try some differant cat food to see if you can get rid of the mushy stools that get stuck to the paws...i spend twice as much a month on his food budget now as i did in the past, but having a happy kitty with no farts or danglers is worth the cash
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Maybe making the litter deeper in the box would help? Maybe shye would get a layer of litter over the poop before she has a chance to step in it? Sorry, not much help
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