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cat "talks" about his business

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I don't really need advice on this so much as I am just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience. My cat, Kitty, yowls and howls up a storm right before he goes into the litter box to do his number 2s. What is up with this? He feels the need to talk about his "business"???? He never does it when just going in for a wee...but almost always for a poo. He's always done this and I'm sure there's nothing wrong with him, so don't worry!
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ReeRee does this too. He talks about EVERYTHING. You always here that it is something wrong if they do that but he has been doing it since day one...he is just a chatterbox.
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I had a cat that was like this too. It was like he had to "announce" to everyone in the house that he was on the box
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Ha Ha. My cat was doing the announcement of the #2 for awhile.
For some reason she has stopped doing this just recently.
I think she really wanted me to scoop it out right away.
IE cant stand her own stink. Silly cats.
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at my house it means 'scoop it right now!' LOL
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Capone does this as well. It’s so cute. Actually, when he was a kitten he was so clingy he wouldn’t go poo unless I was watching. He would sit there and meow up a storm until I came to the litter room, then he would hop in the box, squat, make his little litter box face, eyes half closed and do his business. He would never poop unless I was watching.

Now that hes a big boy he just meows when he poops, he doesn’t care if Mommy is watching or not he just has to let us all know in case we were wondering. Hhaha Cats….so cute!!!
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Domino meows at each litter box kinda like he's asking them "which one of you shall I poop in" I thought he was a wierdo.
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These stories are hilarious! i don't know how I would react if my Ino would start announcing her trips to the box, probably die laughing lol.
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Simon does it sometimes if I neglect his box :< which makes me feel bad.

He yowls about everything. and I mean everything.
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my cat hollers during spring days because he wants to go outside, but he also complains for about 2-3 minutes before going number two...regardless of how clean the litterbox is...

the complaining isnt as frusterating as his other habbit...he waits untill i get finished scrubbing down the cat box and putting in fresh litter and then goes and takes a number two, lol.
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