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Dixie Chicks are at it again.....

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OK, so this actually happened a couple weeks ago, but it was just published in Billboard (hubby's in the radio business).

Just in case you don't know, PD is Program Director. These are the people who decide just what can and can't be played on their station. They would be the ones who decided whether or not to pull the Chicks from rotation after the Bush incident, and when to put them back in rotation (my station started playing them again after the active fighting finished in Iraq).

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (Billboard) -- Just as the controversy appeared to
be dying down after the Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines mildly ridiculed
President Bush before the start of the Iraq war, country radio
programmers are disappointed in the group once again.

This time, they take issue with the fact that Maines apparently chose to
take a shot at fellow country musician Toby Keith during her May 21
performance at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Maines wore a
sleeveless shirt with the letters F.U.T.K. on the front.

Most viewers, including awards show presenter Vince Gill, interpreted
the letters as an expletive aimed at Keith. After opening the envelope
that revealed Keith had won the night's biggest award -- entertainer of
the year -- Gill quipped, "I think his name was on someone's shirt

For WXTU Philadelphia assistant program director/music director Cadillac
Jack, Maines' shirt was the show's only disappointment. "With all the
patriotism in the air that night, it was a downer and completely
unnecessary," he says. "I was disappointed with them yet again."

"Just when you think it's safe to add the Chicks back into rotation,"
KZKX Lincoln, Nebraska, PD Brian Jennings says. "Oh, Natalie, why do you
make it so hard to love you?"

KSCS Dallas assistant PD/music director Chris Huff calls the awards show
"a perfect opportunity for the Chicks to showcase their music, and
unfortunately it's now all overshadowed by four letters. No one's
talking about the song they performed. They're talking about the four
letters Natalie chose to wear on her shirt. How anyone could believe
such an act would be a prudent move is totally beyond me."

KTEX Brownsville, Texas, PD Jo-Jo Cerda says, "I was hoping that
sometime soon we would be able to put this Dixie Chicks thing behind us.
Unfortunately, the can of worms has just been reopened. I know a lot of
KTEX listeners were ready to move on, but now there has been a national
display against one of the more popular performers in our format. Maines
might as well have taken another jab at Bush."
Toby Keith
Toby Keith's "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)"
has caused controversy as well.

Dr. Bruce Nelson Stratton, PD of KFTX Corpus Christi, Texas, calls
Maines "toast."

KNIX Phoenix music director Gwen Foster is "disgusted with certain
artists who just cannot see that the world doesn't revolve around them
and their pettiness all the time."

"I think it was most distasteful for a national TV audience," WTQR
Greensboro, North Carolina, PD Bill Dotson says. "This is giving country
music a black eye. For God's sake, let it go."

The spat between Maines and Keith goes back to his single "Courtesy of
the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)," which Maines criticized
in the media last year. Keith responded with public comments that Maines
wasn't in his league as a songwriter.

In his concerts, Keith has been showing on big screens behind the stage
the doctored photo of Maines and Saddam Hussein that began circulating
on the Internet a few months ago after Maines criticized Bush.

"This format is no stranger to squabbles among its children," Huff says.
"But we move on. Nothing is to be gained by turning it into a game of
public one-upmanship on one of the few nights of the year where our
format enjoys such broad national exposure."
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I watched the awards that night and was very disappointed in Natalie Mains. I've always been a fan of the Dixie Chicks, but I am not a fan of her personally. I found her shirt absolutely tacky and disrespectful. It's too bad that Toby left before the last award (which he won). I think he would have told her off if he had the chance. I did see a clip from CMT about this issue. Toby was on Jimmy Kimmel Live the next night and was asked what he thought of the shirt. Toby said he wasn't sure if it was directed to him or not (I think he was just being nice about it), but it doesn't surprise him because "Stuff comes outta her Blow Hole everyday!". Those were his exact words too.

I'm actually getting tired of hearing about how the Dixie Chicks are doing this and that. Why can't they get recognition for their TALENTS, not the contraversies their stir up?
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Because celebrities seem to think it's their God-given right to spew their political views because of their fame. Let them write a letter to the editor, which is buried on the back page of the paper, like the rest of us.
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She's got no class if you ask me.
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I had heard about that and was disappointed. As well, the Chicks have postponed their concert in Toronto due to fears of SARS - we aren't even under a travel advisery any longer!
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Tacky and trashy! (For a southerner, THAT'S about as bad as it gets!)
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I just heard that the Chicks cancelled last weekend's concert at the last minute because Natalie was ill. I believe it was in Columbus. Most fans were told as they arrived at the auditorium. Some had driven over 6 hours to be there. All were upset, disappointed and bitter. I can't blame them. Most professional bands have a back up plan in case a band member falls ill at the last minute. No one should be irreplaceable in the last 30 minutes before a concert of that size.

The Dixie Chicks had better watch it. They are not too big to be toppled. You don't hear much about Guns N Roses anymore do you? They were full of self importance too and showed up late....once keeping fans waiting THREE HOURS. It kiled their fame. RIP Dixie Chicks. I love your music, but not your attitude.
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Good point Sue, with the comparison to GNR. Actually, since hubby produces an 80s rock radio show, I do know where they are now. (Totally OT, but I'll do it anyway!) Last year Axl Rose formed a new GNR and was planning on touring the country at his old popularity status (yeah right!). So they book the tour and ticket sales weren't up to Axl's standards, so they canned the whole thing (announcing the cancellations AFTER the first show was supposed to happen!) and back into the woodwork he crept. Meanwhile there are rumour that the OTHER original members of GNR are thinking of doing their own reunion, sans Axl. THAT is getting a lot of good responses.

It's really sad that one person in a band, like Natalie Mains or Axl Rose, can ruin it for everyone in the band and their fans. It was really Axl's attitude that drove GNR into the ground. Besides the fact that the band members couldn't stand him and his temper tantrums, the fans only have so much patience. I'll say it again, I think a rocker could have gotten away with the stuff she has pulled, but in country music this just doesn't fly. Toby Keith's song Angry American was #1 for a very long time and a lot of fans really related to it. Her tirade against Toby didn't even make many headlines, but when you put her comments against Bush, her immature shirt at the CMAs, and their new attitude that's coming out at the concerts.....sorry ladies, but this isn't going to float.

I do feel for Emily and Martie, who are the REAL talent in the band. They say nothing, stand up with their bandmate (what else can they do?), and are sucked into the abyss with Natalie. It seems like Natalie believes all the hype about herself, and thinks she's invincible and she can do anything. She does have the freedom to express herself however she wishes, but she doesn't seem to understand that there are consequences to every action especially for a public figure.
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Don't know how she's worse - without her clothes or WITH them! Someone needs to tell her to put on some decent clothes and just SING!
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The reason they are not showcasing their talent is because they have none. Just big mouths and a daddy that is a hot shot studio musician in Nashville. Just a set of generic pop-country bimbos, like Shania Twain Faith Hill, and a host of others. If they weren't pretty and willing to wear skimpy clothing in their videos, no one would give their caterwauling a listen. Emmylou Harris, Loretta Lynn and Allison Krauss never showed skin in their lives, and they have been popular for years. It's because THEY have actual talent.
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Now I'd argue that one with you Rebecca. Not about Natalie - let's face it, she has a unique voice, but not an amazing voice. The other two, Emily and Martie, are very talented. They play almost all the instruments (except percussion I beleive) on their albums and they do it live too. They worked their tails off to be as good on those difficult instruments, like the fiddle and banjo, as they are. Natalie sings, just like Shania (SOMEONE tell her that she cannot write songs!), Faith, and most of the other single name country artists out there (a few exceptions that actually do write their own music and play instruments).
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Please enlighten a non-american board member
What does F.U.T.K stand for?
If it's not too bad, I mean. Although it probably is, ore else you wouldn't all be so upset.

BTW I am not a Chicks fan, but I absolutely love Travellin' Soldier.
Sorry for that.
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I love a few of their songs too, and Traveling Soldier is a great song.

The shirt was saying (F-word) You Toby Keith.
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Originally posted by Seagull
Please enlighten a non-american board member
What does F.U.T.K stand for?
If it's not too bad, I mean. Although it probably is, ore else you wouldn't all be so upset.

BTW I am not a Chicks fan, but I absolutely love Travellin' Soldier.
Sorry for that.
Well the F.U. part stands for F$%# You and the T.K. part are Toby Keith's initals
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Well Seagull, evidently her t-shirt translation is " FxxK YOU TOBY KEITH". Fill in the "x"s.
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OOops, AdyMarie's post didn't come up when I first read Seagull's. Odd. Anyway, it seems as if we concur in our translations.
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Trashy, trashy, trashy.
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Thanks all, I get the picture.
I agree, that is not a good way to behave. Especially not at such an event.

BTW how can we be sure that T.K. stands for Toby Keith?
Did that T-shirt already exist, or did she have it made for the occasion?
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She had it made, no doubt. It isn't a common combination of letters. It is an assumption that she was referring to him but one she hasn't denied either.
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Ok, I know I am not up-to-speed on all the comings and goings of any normal person, never mind any famous people, and apparently, there is a feud going on btwn the Chicks and Toby.

I know, everyone thinks that the F.U.T.K. means what they all posted, but did any of those reporters ask her what it meant? I mean, sure it's kind of obvious about what everyone thinks that's what it means, but does anyone know for sure?

I am just giving them the benefit of the doubt here, for all I know (it isn't much on this topic), that is what it means, but it might mean something else that we don't know about.

Anyways, just my two cents worth here.
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I'm not a fan of the Dixie Chicks or anything country, so I look at this from a distant perspective. Yea, it was wrong for her to wear that at a cermony if it truly meant what everyone is implying. But at the same time is it any better for him to have concerts showing Maines and Saddam Hussein together in doctored photos? That's just as tacky in my opinion and not as subtle. True, she didn't pick the best venues to express her opinion about G.W., but it gives no right for him to put her in the same league as Hussein.

It's no better then what rappers do to each other.
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Well, you can't really say you're proud to live in a country where free speech is so important and then criticize people for taking advantage of that same principle. Thats hypocritical.

So she has her opinions and her feelings on things- don't we all? She has the advantage of getting her views out to the public a lot more, but shes not doing anything worse than what we do when we grumble about our governments. The difference is reporters aren't paying attention to us
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she shoulda went into rock music.. kids would love her rebel attitude.. Unfortunately country listeners are a little more conservative.. I still like the chicks.. And if the singing doesn't work out anymore I'm sure they still have plenty of money to live on for 10 lifetimes And I'm sure the people mad about the bush thing were making fun of bush before the war.. nothing like a war to raise opinion polls.. I loves that show "That's my Bush".. funnny stuff lol..
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