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Who knew?

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Did you know cat poop will take the finish off a bathtub?

Well, it can!

We have a fairly new kitty named Oreo who refuses to use the litterboxes.. I've tried EVERY kind of litter, I have 5 litterboxes in the house and he won't use them.
He uses the bathtub
Well, I think we're going to be taking a trip to the vet tomorrow because I've never seen cat poop stain a bathtub

Learn something new everyday
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Thanks for sharing! At least it's an easily cleanable surface and not a rug...yuck! I hate cleaning stuff off rugs.
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NOW you've really got me wondering what your bathtub is made out of- or does your super kitty have superpowers concerning his pooping???

Anyway- nice to hear you're taking this with humor

I've had cats who brought in unharmed frogs, bite off and eat shoe stings (yes, explaining this to visitors was fun ), or drag around antik teddy bears.

Life wouldn't be the same if cats were predictable


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