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Ollie sounds like Gizmo from Gremlins

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Ollie makes these weird but adorable sounds when he's running around, playing, or jumping. It sounds like Gizmo from Gremlins. It's cute, hence why it's in the "What's new" forum, but at the same time, I'm sharing it to make sure that it's not a bad thing. He's done it for the entire time I've had him.
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I wonder if that's an indication he had siblings, who often talk to each other while they're playing, or he didn't have siblings and got used to talking to himself.

In any case, I think it's pretty normal.
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He had siblings. I unfortunately separated him from 2 of his litter-mates when I adopted him. The other two have since been adopted too. He at least spent the first 3 months of his life with them, and I got the impression there were other litter mates too from the humane society.

Is that what these sounds are? Some type of cat communication?
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Harvey makes these noise when playing with Luke or if he sees me. I think he's just talking, lol. He'll see me from across the room, do his strange mewing sound, and come trotting over. It's cute.
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I think it's cute! Bella does that too, when she's running around playing. Sometimes she scares the living daylights out of me, but it's endearing You should make a video, haha.
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reeree is my big talker. He has so mnay different sounds. Some of them freak me out because they sound so creepy. But he just likes to chat. Especially when he plays. I only become alarmed when his "mom" Fiona goes running to him if he is making a sound. Usually it just means he wants some attention from her though.
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Some call it chirping, chattering... yeah. Lots of cats do it while playing - my kitten personally sounds like he's gurgling when he makes the noise. :3 Many outgrow it, but I've seen older cats make the sound.

Hehe. <3 It's cute. But rather scary.
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