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Dog Capstar for cats?

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I'm trying to track down some Capstar for my feral kitty who's just had kittens. None of my local petstores have the cat version, but one store has the dog version.

I can get it online, but I'm going away on Saturday and someone else will be caring for the cats so if I get it online, I can't guarantee I'll get it before I go - and I don't want the newborns getting infested!

So... the dog version has 57mg of the active ingredient, whereas the cat stuff has 11mg. I'm guessing it's ok to just split the tablet into a bit less than 1/4 and give her that? That's what I do with Advantage - buy the dog size, keep it in a sealed test tube, and just give the feral cats the appropriate cat amount.
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I do that with Advantage, too, but the trouble with a tablet is that the medication might not be evenly distributed throughout the tablet. It might all be concentrated in one quarter of the tablet, and that would cause an overdose (although I've heard that an overdose of Capstar isn't usually a big deal). Maybe you could contact the company and ask if it's safe to split the pills.
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I think that would be fine. I agree with the above post that it might not be evenly distributed, but Capstar is extremely safe, so I think you'll be okay. I know you can give Capstar every day, so considering that I don't think a couple more mg one way or the other will cause any problems.
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