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My husband gave me a kitten

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My husband decided to get me a kitten on Saturday. Very sweet of him, but I was a bit irked. Some of you may remember that I had to give up some of my cats last year; sparing you all the details, my DH was the driving force behind that decision. I told him that I didn't want any more cats if they will not be staying, but DH assures me that I will not have to give him up. So, without further adieu...

This is Locket

Looking shocked!

He went to the vet this morning and got a clean bill of health and a distemper shot, although I still have to bring in a fresh stool sample in the next few days, depending on when Locket cooperates. DH was told he is 8 weeks old, but the vet thinks he is probably closer to 12 weeks. The vet said he feels just a bit on the skinny side, so we will work on fattening him up. For the timebeing he is living in our bedroom until we are confident he is not sick with anything. The other cats are aware he is there, and Bastian likes to spend time peeking at Locket under the door. I am anxious to start some introductions after Locket comes out of "quarantine".
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He is cute
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He is adorable, and I love his name!
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He has lovely "angel touches."
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Oh he's so cute! Welcome Locket!
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What a cutie
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Locket is a cutie
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Wow. Although I keep saying that five is my limit for the space I have available, there's no way I could ever refuse a wee black kitten.
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What a cutie!
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Locket is adorable. Keep us posted on his progress!
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He's a cutie.
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What a cutiepie!
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He is just darling.........
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He is adorable, and I love his name!

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Thank you all for your replies! He is quite the little action cat. He will let me cuddle him a little bit, but then he will squirm away - all he wants to do is play play play! I am still having some mixed feelings about him joining our family, but he is a very fun little boy.
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He's precious! The last picture is one for the fridge!
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I hope everything turns out alright for your family and Locket. He is a very cute little kitten. The last photo is so cute and silly!
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Locket got a clean stool sample this week. We had an initial introduction yesterday. In the morning Bastian and Griffin came into the bedroom where Locket's been living. Bastian stared and growled at him, while Griffin made a beeline for Locket's food and growled between munching. Then last night we let Locket come out of the bedroom to explore. It went quite well - he is kind of a bold little kitten! Bastian, as usual, was the most intrigued, and kept following Locket around everywhere. After about an hour Locket was trying to play with Bastian's tail and pounce on his paws! Sprout was the only one to hiss when he was sitting in my lap and Locket jumped up to join us; that little kitten hissed right back and stood his ground! He finally did get back down when he realized Sprout was really not having it. Griffin just sat on the back of my chair and observed all the action from above.

I gave Locket a wormer today anyway just to be on the safe side, so a few more days in the bedroom and then I think we will try to let him out for good.
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awww What a cutie! Will love watching him grow up
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