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I'm keeping one of my feral kittens

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I'm keeping the diulted calico feral kitten that I found in my barn. My daughter took her sister, and I was going to put Smoke (mine), back out in the barn. I had her ear tipped when she was spayed, but as she is sooo small for her age, (she is about 7 mo. as weights a little more the 4 lbs). that I just couldn't put her back out. Sooooo,she is now sleeping in our bed and is spoiled rotten. The dogs have kinda accepted her. As long as she doesn't run they will not bother her, in fact they avoid her after learning about kittens for the first time in their life. . We have just been taken with her. She loves to throw herself on her side to get her belly rubbed. This is my first indoor cat and I'm so excited. I just can't believe how sweet she is after her hard start in life.

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Congrats on the new edition!!! Maybe you could share some pics of the little girl???? Hmmm?????????
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Yes, definitely post some pictures, I'd love to see her! Sounds like she is a lucky kitty.
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Here's a couple pics of the cute girl

(they were too big to post, follow the link to see em!)
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Oh she is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! She looks soooooooo soft!

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She is very very soft. She's not longhaired, but every hair is super soft. I could just sit and pet her for hrs. Her eyes really do look as if they have eye liner on them. The pics don't show the tan and white in her. she has gotten to be quite vocal also. I don't think she is going to get to be much bigger then she is now. If she puts on another lb. I would be very surprised. I think 5lbs will be the max for her. You see why I couldn't put her back out in the barn. She's way too cute and small and cuddly for that. She is my first indoor cat tho.

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She a real beauty!
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She is pretty.
One of the ferals I kept was 4 pounds full grown and she was fine.
Her name was Smokey and she was missing part of her ear.
I am glad you are keeping her.
I kept 3 ferals and one turned out so nice.
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Smokey is the only feral that I have kept in the house. All the others are in my barn and are doing great. They are all as tame as any indoor cat. She also is missing the tip of her ear. I had that done when I had her spayed so that I could put her back in the barn. She just stole my heart. All it took was one sweet tender meow and I was taken in hook, line and sinker.

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