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I think one kitten might be deaf

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One of the kittens seems to be slow to respond to noise. When I make noise or walk up on them he is the last to look and I think he looks because he can feel everyone else move. Is there a way I can check that?

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Get him/her away from the others. Have someone distract him/her - and then bang two pans together. Make sure you stay far enough away that he won't be able to feel the air changes from the pans banging together. If you are too close - many will react to the air flow change rather than hear you.

You can also have your vet check the kitten out.
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They are absolutely gorgeous kittens! I hope that you are able to find out about your kitten
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Thank you! I will try the pans and see what I come up with.
I think they are beautiful too, I have a love of white cats
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Aww, they are soo beautiful!
Other than the noise checks that your doing, I think your vewts probably the only way- you can ask him if you take them in for first shots...
They're sooo cute!
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Pots may cause too much "current" in the air. I would put him by himself in a room and then stand behind him and jingle keys behind your back, he cannot see what you are doing. If he doesn't respond and look around, then he's deaf.
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The kittens are beautiful. I agree with others isolate the one kitten in room and jiggle keys or maybe play music loud on a radio or stereo. Keeps us posted if you find anything out.
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Just read an article and it suggested separating the kitten and hissing at it. (Not aggressively obviously). Usually hissing creates a hiss back.

I was actually trying to find the genetics of deafness. Keller is deaf, correct? I can't really find a statistic that gives the likely hood a deaf mother will produce a deaf kitten.
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What a gorgeous family Sending prayers and vibes that your little guy isn't deaf, although your observations seem to be indicating that..Sorry that I can't offer any advice, but what you've been given so far is excellent
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Well, I tried the keys behind my back and I also crinkled a plastic bag...they all responded. That is a good sign
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There is nothing wrong with deaf cats! However if that other poster is right and one parent is deaf then the inheritance goes like this:

If one parent is deaf, the lowercase d, and one parent is hearing uppercase D, but carrier of deaf gene then you have a 50% chance for deaf offspring.

However, if both parents are hearing, but carriers for the deaf gene...

then you can see that only a 25% chance for deaf offspring exist.

However infection and other sickness can alter this probability in favor of deafness.
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