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The (wild) cat in my bathroom...

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...and her fat friend.

Touch me - I dare you

OMG there's a monster outside the door!

Oh it's that blasted little white dog again! I'm gonna get her yet!
(Little white dog just wants to be her friend, but doesn't get it that she has to quit bolting in the door, or that kitty is gonna kill her!)

Whaddya mean I look funny with my ears being missing & my legs being funny colored?

And her fat friend, Squishy - he was playing with the little white dog under the door!

And here she is the same day I caught her in my lap

Meet Tabitha - one of the semi-feral farm kitties. I noted last week she was ill & caught her on Friday. My vet was away all weekend, so she was to the vet this AM. She has a URI, is dehydrated, very underweight, lost most of that ear since last fall/and I think the tip of the other is going - and needs a dental. Oh & she's bi-polar. Alternates between trying to kill me & loving me. Cats!

If she is going to do OK in the house for a month or so to recover, then we'll think about doing a dental. The vet won't do one right now, given her condition. She's on ear meds, anti-biotics, canned food, lysine, & SubQ fluids. Hopefully she remains tame enough for me to "torture" her....or I don't know what will happen.
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She is a tough girl! Sending some "Be a good girl so you can get better" vibes to Tabitha. And I kinda like her funny colored legs.
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Good luck with everything and they are very cute kitties
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I'm glad she's being at least somewhat tolerant of your nursing! Hopefully her devil side stays at bay while you get her healthy! She's a cute girl. I like her funny legs, ! Best of luck with her!
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Awwwww bless her heart, she just wants some love 24/7
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She's so funny, sweet, stinky, but sweet.

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Nat, she looks positively ferocious in that video! And I'm with you... she looks heavier than 5 lbs. What a sweet heart. So, she gets along with the Chairman?
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She's weird. Still settling, so unnerving when she goes from purring to angry in 30 seconds.

She looks more than 5 lbs - but she's very....I dunno maybe "frail" is the best word for her? The vet re-checked the scale, re-weighed her, everything. She really is only 5 lbs.
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She's a beautiful girl! And she sure does look like she loves to cuddle

Squishy!!!!! I just love that little man! I still have his picture in my sig!
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Aw, Tabitha is a lovely girl. It's clear to see that she WANTS to trust you and accept love from you. She does look bigger than five pounds, but maybe she's just big-boned.

I love Chairman Squishy. He's a funny boy.
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Beautiful cat! I love the coloring on her legs!
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Great story... but... I'm a little interested to see who's behind that fantastic body that's holding the wild kittie
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She certainly looks like she loves you in the vid. Many for the odd little kitty to get better soon!
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Oh Nat just likes to exaggerate. Tabitha's a cuddle bug!

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