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noisy cat

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My girlfriend has an 18 year old, spayed, indoor cat named Brittany. For the last couple of years, she's become increasingly more vocal.
Sometimes she meows with every step she takes, lies down and hollers every few minutes, or hollers 10ish times in a row every hour or so in the middle of the night. Sometimes she meows until she's hoarse.

We don't think she's sick or in pain; she seems healthy, playful, and happy.

What can we do to make her quieter ?
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My girl was almost 20 when she went to the Bridge, and she became very vocal in her final 2-3 years. According to my vet, one reason is hormonal shifts as they age, which can change behavior, but the biggest reason for my girl is that she became totally deaf. Have you checked your cat for deafness? Cats tend to vocalize a lot more when they go deaf (a common ailment of old age), and although your cat may not be completely deaf, she may be losing her hearing.
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Mine has started doing this as well, he is between 12-13.. and he only did it when he was sick with his blockage. We don't think he's sick either, he's very playful and wants to go outside, eating, everything seems fine, but he hollers and yowls, some in the morning, and maybe after he gets done drinking his water. Like he wants my attention every second. I do quietly call him sometimes to see if he can hear me or twitches his ears at all, and he doesn't seem to have any trouble in the hearing department. I guess sometimes he just wants attention..
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Coco my 17 year old cat does that also.
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