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Bugsy @the vet again today. I will figure out what the heck is wrong with him. Vibes!

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I have decided yet again I am going to bring my Bugsy to the Vet… again…a different Vet. Some of you might remember that I have had health issues with him for over a year and after a ton of tests, blood work, x-rays, food changes, everything I could do, it finally got too expensive and we had to stop to Vet trips…. They weren’t doing anything anyway.

My baby is now only 6 Lbs. Way too skinny. This morning I saw him urinate so I’m hoping that doesn’t mean he has an UTI, which is one thing I thought he had. I’m thinking possibly Diabetes, he is thirsty all of the time.

He is either sick with some sort of health issue or his OCD is becoming out of control. He has OCD to the point where it does sometimes make him sick. Example: Once there was a spot in the shower. He sat there for hours watching it. I finally washed it off and he spent more then a day watching that spot, he didn’t eat, didn’t drink, didn’t go in the litter. After we realized what was happening we locked him out of the bathroom and he sat there for another full day meowing at the door. He lost about 3 Lbs because he was so stressed by that he barely ate for a week. I have at least 20 stories like that one.

Please send my Bugsy some famous TCS vibes for today. I want to finally come to a conclusion on whatever he has so I can fix it. I’m afraid the day will come where it wont be fixable anymore and he will either mentally (if its OCD) or physically (if hes sick) lose control.

Thanks all!
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gosh, I really hope you find a solution soon. Poor Bugsy. Sounds like diabetes to me, but it's so weird the vets hadn't picked up on it. Mega vibes for Bugsy!!
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Thanks so much Fifi. I think it could be diabetes. It could also be the fact that he refuses to drink from a bowl, he only drinks when I cup my hands with water, or from the tap. We have tried all different types of bowls, fresh water fountains, glass, tall, short, etc. So when he is thirsty he is mega thirsty because he can only drink when we put on the tap. But then again he could be mega thirsty because he may have diabetes.

He vomits every so often for about a week straight, then he is fine for a few weeks. But then again that could be because he eats stupid things sometimes like if we forget to put away a plastic bag, or he get hairballs due to his long fur. He normally only vomits food after he eats.

He loses weight to the point where he is disgustingly skinny. When you pet him you can feel how sharp and pointy his shoulder blades are.

His fur is dull and almost an off white color, it also gets greasy very easily.

I just want to know what it is. Im tired of being scared for him all the time and he looks horrible now. He looks all sickly and skinny, his eyes look so big and sunken. Its scary.

Also, my old Vets sucked... so do my new ones BUT they are MUCH better then my old one so I'm just hoping they find something my other crappy Vet did not.
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I hope he will be ok and you can find out what is wrong with him.
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I hope you finally find out whats wrong with him...
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I hope you can get Bugsy's issues sorted out!!
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for Bugsy! Crossing my fingers that the vet will be able to find out what's wrong.
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Well… it’s turned out to be nothing again. How strange. I swear something is wrong yet this is Vet #2 that says there is nothing physically wrong with him.
She did give me some pretty cool insight on what his mental problem may be.

One major thing she told me was that some cats just can’t get rid of their “wild†even if they are indoor, it is bred into them. I guess Bugsy is one of those. She explained to me that cats in the wild drink water (hmmm can’t think how to explain it, I’ll try my best, she showed me physically) with their heads laid out horizontally from the neck. This way they are looking forward and not down, and not getting their whiskers wet. She said they do this
1. Because what kitty wants wet whiskers lol and
2. because all wild cats need their peripheral vision in case of predators.
That made sense to me. I have been trying to water this guy for two years, he has never taken a sip of water from anything other than a faucet. In two years!! She recommended that I take a wide, glass bowl and fill it to the rim to the point where its almost falling out. As soon as I got home I did exactly that and guess what? Lol my little wild Lion drank!! Amazing. It’s a first in two years he has ever drank from a bowl.

She also said that his severe OCD might have to do with the fact that he is an indoor cat and we don’t have the toys to stimulate him, so he creates things to hunt. I will have to go buy some toys and see how that works out.
She prescribed for the vomiting just a human pill (forgot the name) and to give him twice a day, for a few days, and cut the pill into quarters when he gets his vomiting episodes.

She said she would do the tests I was asking for but wouldn’t recommend me spending the 300+ dollars for a cat that was very young, and seemed reasonably healthy.

She gave me a website. I am rushed tonight so I haven’t checked it out but she told me to send it to you guys LOL. She mentioned Feliway to me and I told her I already knew about it. Apparently it’s an entirely new thing here and she was impressed I knew about it, I told her I knew from you guys. She said this website is awesome and I should share it with you guys.
For Bugsy she said to look up Indoor cat initiative.
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Dumb ?? what tests HAVE been done??

it stinks not to have answers
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She did a complete physical. Nothing with needles or machines. She poked and prodded him, looked in his ears, mouth, took his temperature, just a basic check up. She also checked his tummy for tumors with her hands.
She said unless he is vomiting over excessively or lethargic, he is fine. He also weighs more than I thought, he’s 8 lbs. She also said there was a difference between vomiting and regurgitating, and he is regurgitating. So it’s probably hairballs due to his long hair.

But that’s it. No other test other than a complete physical.

She said its probably all mental.
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I realize you may like your vet but at the very least some blood work should have been done... if you can afford a second opinion
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I don’t like my Vet lol. I don’t like any of the Vets where I live and I greatly miss my old amazing Vet. Scratch that, I like her as a person, I had a great time chatting with her, but I don’t trust the Vets where I live.

What she said at the appointment made sense. I was there for a good 40 min chatting with her about Bugsy symptoms. She showed me that Bugsy doesn’t have anything physically wrong with him unless he’s obsessed with something. It only happens when he goes through an OCD phase. She gave me some tests to do with him and see what happens. If all else fails we will get the whole shazam of tests and spend the money.

There’s a difference of money. Second opinions are 70$ tests are about 200-300$. Ill do the little things she told me about, get the feliway and if all else fails we will do the big tests in about 2-3 weeks.

I am amazed at the drinking though. He has been drinking out of his bowl since last night. After two years, all it took was filling it until it was over flowing….Cats are funny.
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I agree. You know your cat and when something isn't right. What does his age have to do with anything? Young cats get sick too! Did you ask her about the diabetes? My workmate whom I cat sat for had a diabetic cat. But if you are okay with what she concluded than thats fine. Just remember your instincts are usually right. You know your cat best.
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Here's hoping this vet has some answers for you and Bugsy!
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I responded at the same time you did so I didn't see that last post. It will be interesting to see what comes of the at home tests. Maybe it is just him being him and nothing terribly wrong. Lets hope!
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