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Daily Thread Monday April 27th

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Morning folks!

It's going to be 27 degrees and sunny today!! Very exciting! We are going for a run after work today so that will be good.

We had a very productive weekend. We moved Josh in, cleaned our whole apartment, went for a 10k walk/run. It was a great weekend!

Next weekend we are off to Kitchener. I have volunteered to be on an audit team for work. So I will be auditting files for a week. But free food and hotel for a week so it should be good!

Anyhoo, have a good one folks..its showertime!
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Morning folks. I have been up since 4am.
Looks like another hot one and I think it will officially be a heat wave if we hit 90 again. Tomorrow we should have some relief. It's crazy it to be this hot in April.

Hopefully I can get some house work done but a nap is a priority.
We put up some blackout curtains in the boys room so hopefully he will nap there this afternoon.
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I got an early start this morning and got in to work at ~7:15. That will give me some time to organize my thoughts, plan out the day, and hopefully make some good progress today. My paper for next month's conference is almost finished and now I'm going to try and finish up the slides that I'll present. I have two more papers that I have to present in July, and I'd like to get those done soon since I'm going to have 2 classes this Summer.

We're having great weather here, although like many of you, it's beginning to border on 'hot' with a high of 85. We'll be seeing cooler temperatures (and rain) by the middle of the week though. After work, or maybe mid-afternoon during work, I'll head over to the gym a bit. Then home to feed the kitties and enjoy a quiet night.
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Yesterday was hot and today its windy and cold and have the heat going. what a difference a day makes. going to go pay to have my new badly needed kitchen and dining room floor installed today.
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Well the sun is peeking its head out the first time since Friday afternoon. We received a bit over one inch of rain over the weekend with a little more predicted for later this morning. The temp has warmed up a bit too as its in the mid 50's.

Going to work later this morning but will do some odds and ends around the house for a bit first.

The cats are pretty good so far today. Bender's hormone levels must be dropping as is starting to do more grooming and playing with toys! I put a collar with a bell on him so I can hear him around the house. His yowling has just about stopped too. He wants lots of attention however.

Maybe I'll be able to do a spot of garden cleanup this evening when I get home. With all this rain the flowers will be popping out of the ground.

Have a good one.......................
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A gorgeous sunny day here to look forward to!
Nothing planned except work today.
Have a good day everyone!
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Morning All!!!

Today looks like it is going to be a gorgeous one. Sunny and warm I am so excited after such a cool rainy weekend.

Heading off to work shortly am on 10:30-3:30 shift today. I know my boss was away all weekend at a estate auction down in Toronto so I am anxious to see what he's returned home with.

After work have to stop by the clinic to pick up a prescription for my allergies. They are getting worse because I can feel fluid in my ears now so before it escalates into a infection I want to nip it in the bud---how do you like the pun---

The kitties are good, window watching right now.

Everyone have a great day
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I got as far as the parking lot at work before a coworker convinced me to go home (she is also my hubby's aunt). I feel like crap today - headache, nausea, ears ringing, dizzy. I felt so good yesterday, I don't know what happened. I have been in bed all morning and made the move to the couch a bit ago - that is my day.
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It is already nice and warm outside. I have to go to work in 2 hours. I always have to work when its really nice outside.

I am mailing about the majority of my wedding invitations today. We just have a couple more addresses that we have to get and those invitations will go out probably tomorrow or Wednesday.
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good morning! i am in my women studies class. i have school til 11am and then go to ride my horses, then school again @ 6pm blaahh. my kitties woke me up early lol. hope everyone has a great day!h
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Genever has taken a liking to being up and about and crazy around 5AM lately. I prefer not to know that 5AM exists, so this has been quite troubling for me. Such is life with a kitty though..

Not too much going on today, just work, then i need to take our spare blankets to a laundromat with big washers. It's overdue. My mom is flying from PA on Friday to visit for a few days , and I can't give her dirty blankets!!
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