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Put slick on dry

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kitten food yesterday. She was looking so thin. I had been feeding wet three times a day, but I don't think she was getting enough nutrition with 6 babies eating off her. I hate dry food, but she needs to bulk up and graze for a while. When the babies are weaned, she will go back to wet only. What I noticed is that she drank quite a bit of water yesterday. I always panic when I see that as I lost one cat to FD and I have another currently on insulin. It may just be the result of eating dry for a day. If this continues today, I will take her to vet to get blood work done. Keep us in your thoughts and maybe send a few vibes that Slick is FD free. Thanks you guys!
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Oh, if they eat dry they should drick quite a lot. As dry IS dry.

Cats eating wet food usually dont drink much. Some dont drink at all.
Slick drinks some as she is nursing giving milk.

so it is completely natural she now is drinking when she also gets dry food. Be happy for it.
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same thing. I just get sooo paranoid about diabetes. The vet tech said it could also be a bladder infection. They will drink more with one. I am trying to get a urine sample, but she is not drinking as much today. Put shredded plastic in her box so I can get a clean sample. I have an appointment tomorrow, but hopefully I can get a sample and run it down to them to avoid blood work. Thanks for the support. I feel a little better.
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Bladder infection is not impossible - it happens sometimes after all. Good you take that sample, so you will not worry.
Diabetes is not that common, and worry after one drinking day is too early.

How much does she pee? The peeing is a good measure for how much she really is drinking...
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huge what I call a "brick" in the litter box the day she drank so much. That was how I discovered my other cats had FD. She seems to be better this am. However, I now find she is using the kittens litter box because she did not like the shredded plastic in hers. I can't win!!
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