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Hi all,
I'm hopefully moving in to a house share soon.
It is perfect for the cats, really rural, it's a lovely country cottage surrounded by fields, down a long dirt track.
I'm in a tricky situation - going through a seperation/divorce, and need to find somewhere to live. I've looked for the last three months and simply can't find a house which I could afford to live in alone. I literally have no choice but to take this offer of the house share.
Normally you couldn't take two cats in to a house share, but on this occasion as it is on a farm it is fine. The only problem is that the guy who lives there has a dog who comes to stay maybe once or twice a month for a couple of days. The dog has no experience of cats.
We have agreed that when the dog is there the cats will be shut upstairs and the dog will be shut downstairs, so they will be kept completely seperate. I'm concerned that if I let the cats out while the dog is there they may run away and not come back, as it is going to be really stressfull for them; moving again. I know that eventually they will love living there as it is ideal for them, there will be lots of mice etc for them to chase in the fields, and lots of space for them to enjoy.
What are other people's experiences of dogs and cats?