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This fur!

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I've never seen cat hair like this! My last cat was short haired. My dad had a long haired cat, but his hair was more coarse. Fin's is very fine, much like an angora rabbit. I think it flies through the air with the dust. I have a comb for him, and I comb him nightly. It gets out about an egg-sized clump of hair every night. Maybe a little less. I think I'm gonna learn how to spin it

Is there something else (not super expensive), that will get more hair out? Slicker brush or something?

Diet maybe? I just got him last tuesday, he's been on natures recipe since I have had him. I suspect he was eating a poor quality food prior to that. Will it get better when he adjusts to this house/food? Or will I forever be picking hair out of my mouth every time he rubs against my face.

I was considering a raw diet, perhaps this will be my incentive...
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It will take a little longer to see the effects of a better diet on the coat. It is shedding season though so with a little more time the shedding should slack off. Regular combings is the best thing you can do. I have a longer haired cat with a thick undercoat and bathing her every 3 or 4 weeks really cut down on the shedding as well.
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He's probably losing his winter coat, to some extent. In addition, some cats have very dense undercoats.
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y dont u try a curry comb that u use on horses its helps i use it on boo alot to brush her
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Some cats just shed more then others. An egg sized ball of fur daily, isn't really all that much for a long haired cat.
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