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Possibly getting a new cat!!!!!! (Long...)

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I'm so excited!

We have several cats up for adoption at work Well, one up for adoption is a 7 month old neutered male mackerel tabby named Danny. We've (meaning work) had Danny since he was about 3 wks old. He got adopted but about a month ago he was brought back with little reason given. Seemed like the family who adopted him wanted a kitten, and once Danny got out of his cute kitten stage, they didn't want him anymore.

Well, he's been very hard to adopt back out because a) everybody wants a baby and we have no shortage of kittens b) he get's very very nervous around new people. So, I'm afraid it will be next to impossible to find him the right home.

Well, he is the sweetest boy. He purrs louder than any cat I've ever heard. And I thought my 6 mo old Harvey purred loud. I just took my BF up to work to see him and he fell in love. So, we've decided we're bringing him home! Of course, we'll see how Harvey and Luke do with him before making it final.

I want this to go as smoothly as possible for all parties involved. Currently, we have Harvey who is about 6 mo and Luke is about to be 2 yrs. They are both neutered. Luke was very very reluctant when we brought Harvey home, but now they are the very best of friends. Harvey is definitely the leader of my twosome and I'm a little afraid he won't be so excepting of another boy.

What are your suggestions to make this meeting go well? Obviously if it doesn't work out, Danny can go back up to work. He has a great life at the clinic...but he's just such a scaredy cat he spends most of the day hiding until after we close. He gets along great with all of our other clinic cats so I'm not worried about him settling in...just Harvey's reaction in particular.

Sorry so long!! I'm just so excited! Any advice would be much appreciated!
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Congrats Kate for taking Danny home!! I read in another post that you were going to take your BF to see about another kitty and I'm so glad to hear that he fell in love with this one!!
As far as getting Danny settled in, I would put him in a closed seperate room at first and let Luke and Harvey get use to the new cat smell in your place. Then take a towel, rub it all over each cat and leave it out for them to smell and get use to - even Danny because the first cat reaction is all about smell. Then gradually let them sniff each other with close supervision and if all goes well, 3 happy cats!
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