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Kitten Puking!

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my 12 week old himilayan puked this morning, and he seems to be on the verge of another one . It didnt seem to be a hair ball, it was just yellowish liquid. Ive never seen him do that and i've had him for over 3 weeks. He's on wet recovery kitten food (he wasnt eating when i got him so the vet put him on this food for about a month) Which is also why he put off his shots until he recovers. He also has eye discharge which i assume is from the litter and just a small allergy reaction to the dust (i will buy a new litter once i get the vet's oppinion tomorrow). he seems to be sleeping alot today too. its sunday today so i cant take him to the vet until tomorrow afternoon. I was originally going only to get his shots done but now this is getting me a bit worried. what could be wrong. he was dewormed befor i got him and the breeder said he wont need to be dewarmed again for a month. could it be worms? please help.
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Has he actually been eating, because that sounds like bile that he's bringing up?.

Is there no other emergency vet around, because if he's lethargic i would take him to it asap.

Is he drinking as well?
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he is eating yes. he tends to not drink from his water bowl too much (from the beginning) so i mix his wet food with some water. he pees ALOT tho so i dont think he's lacking any liquids. there are no emergency vets around here but if I find that he's in a big danger I would find some way of getting to one. He's sleeping right now.
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Is there anything he could've gotten into...plants, cleaners, anything like that? How long has he been on this recovery food? (What brand is it?)
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i got rid of all live plants in the house when i brought him home. There are no cleaners at his access. He's been on this kitten food since his mothers milk was taken from him at around 5 weeks or so? once he stopped eating the vet told me to keep him on this food for about a month until he is fully recovered because he had gotten very weak from not eating for about 3 days. He's eating fine now. the brand of the wet food is Medical Recovery Formula. He did only puke that one time about 10 hours ago.
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If he's continuing to eat normally, use the litter box, and play normally, I'd keep an eye on him for any relapse. Maybe he ate a bug or something?? Who knows! It's at times like this when you wish your kitty could talk.

Watch for lethargy, lack of eating, hiding, unsocial behavior, change in play/eating/box habits. If you see any of those again, I'd take him to the vet just to be on the safe side.
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yes he's definately eating. thanks for the information. I will be taking him to the vet tomorrow. it just seems like he's sleeping alot, but that could be because i'm paying so much attention to it. afterall kittens are supposed to sleep alot right? he's also developed this bad biting habit and blowing in the face used to work and it doesnt any more.
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