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Some advice for Cat and her 1st litter

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A feral cat we take care of just had 5 kittens yesterday. She had them outside in a little domed pet house. We thought it better to take them inside because its 85 degrees and we have AC. Well the past few hours she and her kittens have been fine, but then she started meowing to go back outside, we let her out for a bit, thought maybe she wanted to potty because she isn't used to using the box and doesn't. But, then she went back to the spot where her kittens used to be, and didn't want to come back in. We then put the kittens back outside and she was just loafing around before they started crying and she went back to them. Its much cooler outside now then it was (suns going down), but I don't really like them being outside.

Anyway, getting a bit nervous with all this. It is also this cat's first litter. Is there anything I should do?
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If you can, bring them all inside again and ignore mother's cries to go out. Outside, she needs to worry about predators and may move them from the spot where she had them.

She may not but better to have them all safe inside. In addition, she can get pregnant again right away and if she's inside, that won't happen.

Bless you for helping her. If she needs help with the potty, try adding regular dirt to the mix - that's what she's used to. If all else fails, "Cat Attract" works wonders, although it stinks! You can get it at PetSmart.

Feed her kitten food - she needs the extra calories feeding five small ones. And again, bless you.
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Are you able to bring anything from the pet house inside like bedding? It may settle her easier if she has something strongly scented of Her
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We brought in the whole little home in, including the blanket thats inside. It seems like she just doesnt want to stay inside because shes used to being outside. We did put dirt in the litter box to mimic nature but she still wont use it.

Another thing is, sometimes she sits on the babies because the little pet house is sorta small. They meow and she moves and then there all fine. We where gonna buy a bigger house for them, is this a good idea or it is normal for that to happen and a smaller enclosed space is fine for them?
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I feel that just because she is "used" to being outside is no reason to let her go outside. If you want to be responsible for this litter and this cat, then you need to keep them inside. The mother can get pregnant when nursing these kittens, so she needs to be kept inside till she is spayed.

If you don't want to take full responsibility, then take everyone to a shelter - they will spay mom.
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I know it's difficult, but it will be best for the kittens if they are inside, that way they can be socialized, and be more likely to be adopted...if you have an enclosed patio or something, that could be good to keep them in...
Good luck!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
If you don't want to take full responsibility, then take everyone to a shelter - they will spay mom.
The only shelters around here will put animals to sleep if they are not adopted within a week (and will not take in so young of kittens anyway). I also do not want to just give them up. Spaying also costs money - $200 each. They also have to be kept inside for 2 weeks after being spayed - which is the real problem. This cat doesnt want to use the litter box and Im afraid she wont go at all then (one family member owns 2 dogs, so they cannot stay inside with us (which the cats would rather be), so the basment is the only place). I know some cats will not go potty at all if they do not have a place they want to go.

But, if I try and keep them in the basment, will she just go on the floor or something when she really has to go? cause I dont want her holding it in. Thats the main problem.
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Its a challange, but if you do not keep her inside, she will wind up pregnant again when nursing kittens. I know its a delimna on what to do. But you cannot keep letting her have kittens either.
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