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Sunday!! What's on Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!

Another dark rainy morning here in cottage country.

Not much in the works for today, a couple loads of laundry, cleaning the litter boxes, and maybe a bit of dusting.

Still have plenty of left-overs for dinner so it looks like hot beef sandwiches.

The kitties are good, Linus is in the process of trying to find China in the litter box, Sassy is napping, and Pixie is meowing at the wall for some reason.

Everyone have great day
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We have a rainy day here too. We are not doing a whole lot today. We are going to put Josh's taxes through , and I have to look for some T4's.

Right now we are eating breakfast and I think we are watching a movie later on.
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Recovering from yesterday. I think we're too old fogey to be driving around all day and then going to friends' houses until midnight, and drinking. I never could take alcohol that well, and I felt really queasy on the ride home (45 minutes of queasiness) and then pretty much just passed out while my husband played his computer games well into the night. Which I guess is why I've been up already and he's still in bed at noon.

Also have the usual dinner at my parents' on Sundays.
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I slept in this morning. Now I'm sitting at the computer doing a bit of work. It's a really beautiful day out. When I woke up, Promise was sitting on the window sill in the bedroom perfectly framed in the morning sun, but when I got up to grab my camera, she jumped down. I guess she was ready for breakfast. Now, I just finished lunch and Promise is up on my lap. Tre is sitting below the chair giving her the stink eye for being in his spot. A friend gave me a squeaky mouse toy that makes a squeak whenever it is moved and Thufir is playing with it. Tiny is sleeping in the La-Z-Boy.

As for my plans, I'm going to clean the apartment a bit - wash dishes, the cat bowls, clean the bathroom, etc. I'm also going to pay some bills. Later this afternoon, I may swing by Agri Feed Pet Supply and see what their selection of canned food looks like. I've been really disappointed with the selection at PetSmart and I've only found 2 brands (one super expensive!) that my cats like at the Pet Supplies Plus. Then maybe a nap followed by a little more work on the computer. Tonight I'm going to watch "Esacpe to Terabithia" (or something like that) on ABC Family and then try to get to bed at a decent hour so I'm not walking around like a zombie at work tomorrow.
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Hello All!!

Its a cold (42F) and drizzly/rainy day here as well. Slept in until 6 am but didn't get out of bed until 7 am as the cats were bcoming annoying!

Read the newspaper and vaccumed the upstairs and did a good cleaning in the master bathroom which included scrubbing the groutlines of the tile shower-yuck!

So checked out the two local craiglist for anything good (nope!) and now eating leftover indian food.

Not much going on today at all. Making a lasagne style casserole for dinner tonite if I can figure out a recipe.
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Morning.. or afternoon for most of you I suppose.

Nothing on tap for today, been a busy Friday night and Saturday so i could go with doing nothing today. Except i have to clean a bit. Vacuum definitely cos it's been a few days. Don't want more litter outside the box than inside!

Supposed to just be in the 60s today, which is a bit cool for my liking but much nicer than 97 like last Sunday.

Have a good rest of the day everyone!!
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Afternoon to all!
I am spending the weekend with my boyfriend and loving it!

Its a balmy 86 here and he is being cheap and doesnt want to run the AC yet but other than that it is sunny and amazing weather!
We have just relaxed most of the morning and he is currently in the garage putting a new cooling fan on his 79 MG and I think we are going to go for a cruise in it before dinner and maybe do some shopping!

And as for dinner i think we are having cheesy ravioli in Alfredo sauce Mmmmm

And then not much else besides maybe watch a movie before bed. Pretty relaxed weekend and I'm loving every minute of it!
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Let's see. Going to my BF's cousin's birthday celebration.

Then I have to stop by work to take care of the kitties. And, I'm taking the BF so he can meet Danny, one of our babies up for adoption. Hopefully he'll fall in love. Danny is such a sweet heart but he gets so nervous around new people it's going to be almost impossible to adopt him out.... So, here's hoping Josh will love him!

Then one of my friend's is coming over for dinner. Haven't seen her in forever!

And in between all of that, more laundry!!
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Well, we had every intention of going to Church when we left the house at ten-thirty this morning but when we got to Church we realized it was YOUTH SUNDAY, and we just weren't in the mood for that, so we decided to go to another church, and got lost! So we gave up on that,went to Brunch and then took a ride around one of our local parks and then down by the river.
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I got up early and went to the barn to take care of the boys, went to work until about 3pm, and I have been vegitating lol, hopefully i will get some homework done and go to bed early i am tired!! Havent gotten to sleep in, in a real long time!! :::Yawn!!:::: Hope everyone had a wonderful day!!
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