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It's snowing?!?-a quick rant-

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Alright so I got up this morning,Fed Skunk, started making breakfast..then went to let Skunk outside....only to find it's snowing?!?! It's late April and it's snowing?!?!?!??

I mean trust me when I say that when we have snow storms it gets nasty..I clearly remember it being up to my waist! but then it melted..jeezzz..I swear it's darn global warming!! two days ago it was 80 degrees and now it's snowing !!! snowing!??!?!

*Is completely shocked...*
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Yep I know how you feel..

We had snow about a week ago here in Central Ontario, same thing, got up, looked out the window and said a few choice cuss words..

Here's hoping that that's the last of it for your area this year..
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Join the club. We had snow on Friday and on Wednesday it was +25*C (77*F). And to make things worse, all of this week we are supposed to get rain or snow every day.
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Snow in April?? Not unusual at all for the north!! We just had snow on Wednesday and by Friday it was 80. We have had snow the first week of May in the past as well. Leaves coming out on the trees, flowers in bloom and snow on the ground. 4 years ago, we had 3 feet of snow during a snow storm in early May. Nothing to do with global warming, just typical weather. As they say in the weather business, there is no such thing as normal weather. But I fully understand that after a long winter, when April comes around, we are more than ready for warm weather.
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Denver had almost 10 inches about a week ago.

Now I remember why I moved to Texas...
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It was snowing in northern MN on Friday, while here in the southern part, it was in the 90's! I'm waiting for the snow to come this way, it wouldn't be unusual for us to have snow in April

I hope your snow melts quickly!
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Yes it was 35 Monday when Ginger had her kittens and today's high is 86. Not thrilled about it.

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