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Youth In Asia?

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This is too funny not to share! Fair warning, if you go to the site, don't blame me if you spend the next 3 days looking at it! It's a site dedicated to the people who have to deal with customers on a regular basis...

Youth In Asia
Pet Store | Fridley, MN, USA

(A woman came up to my register today and began putting her items up on the counter. All of a sudden, she stopped to listen to the pet store advertisements that we have playing all day in the store. The ad mentioned donations would prevent unnecessary euthanasia in animals at shelters.)

Woman: “What would they do with the euthanasia?â€

Me: “The donations would help animals find homes so they wouldn’t use euthanasia unless it was absolutely necessary.â€

Woman: “What do euthanasia have to do with it?â€

Me: “Well, euthanasia means putting them to sleep.â€

Woman: “They’re killed?â€

Me: “Essentially.â€

Woman: “I thought that was just a rumor.â€

Me: “…what?â€

Woman: “So do they eat them?â€

Me: *so confused* “…the vets?â€

Woman: “No. The kids.â€

Me, perplexed: “…kids?â€

Woman: “In Asia!â€

(Then I realized that she meant youth in Asia. Not, euthanasia. And here I thought that mistake was only made on TV. Wow.)
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That's funny. That happened to me once too. I remember one of my classes in high school having the same reaction. We had to pair off and then each pair had to pick a topic and debate it in class. One pair of girls picked 'euthanasia' as their topic. When the first girl stood up in front of the room and said "Today, I'll be debating euthanasia.." a lot of us started giving her weird looks and one girl finally raised her hand and said "What's there to debate about Asian kids?"
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I work retail... and now I know I'm going to have to peruse through the whole site... I did find the fabric store ones and craft store ones... OMG... I can sooooooo relate...

And it's true: the customer is NOT always right.
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Since I am a 911, police and fire dispatcher for 2 cities, I sure can add to this list. Some of the calls we get
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"You didn't say over" *dies laughing*
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OMG for real! It's so amazing how goofy some people are!
My brother is a comp tech and he use to work with customers and some of the stories he'd tell were hysterically funny. He works for a big corp now just messing with their computers and admits he kind of misses the craziness of the outside world of brilliance lol
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OMG these are so funny!
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TOO FUNNY!!! OMG! Thank you for sharing that site!
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