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Mother Cat Pooping Everywhere

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I bought this cat from an adoption agency because she was so adorable, and she turned out to be prego. She had her kittens about 5 weeks ago. She does have worms, and I have been giving her the worming medicine that I received from the vet, but she is pooping everywhere but the litter box. What may cause this?
Also, I wanted to know when it was okay to litter train the new kitten and when it was okay to give them their first dose of dewormer.
Appreciate it!
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How old is she? How old are the babies? Is the litter box close to where she has them? How often do you clean it?

Lot's of questions! Momma could be going elsewhere because she doesn't want to leave the babies, because it's not clean enough for her liking, anything. Also worms (especially if you've just dewormed her) can give cats a bit of diarrhea so she simply may not have time to get to the litterbox. Another thing is older unspayed females can often have litterbox behavioral issues that usually resolve after getting them spayed.

Kittens can be dewormed after 3 wks. Just be sure you are giving exactly the dosage your vet prescribes! It's very easy to overdoes tiny babies.
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I am not sure about that adoption agency that let you take an unspayed cat home. I am also a little concerned about the fact that they didn't tell you she was pregnant. It was rather irresponsible of them.

In any case, bless you for caring for them all.

About the pooping - ditto what was said above - make sure she's comfortable in her room and that the litterbox is clean and readily available. We had a foster mommy once who was stressed because she could see our own cats through the glass door. I put paper up on the door and she calmed right down. Your mommy is probably extra nervous because she's worried about her kittens.

About the deworming - work closely with your vet. All de-wormeres are basically poisons, so you have to be careful, especially with the kittens.
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Thanks for all the replies. The litter box is clean and I even bought her her own, one that is right near the kittens. I can't understand why she is pooping everywhere. It used to be just the tub, but now it's the computer room, outside the litter box and in the livingroom. I don't know.

Yeah, we bought her from an agency that was at Petco and took her to the vet a few days later and found out she was pregnant. I was pretty shocked.
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My Cali did the same thing especially the tub. Have you noticed she does it more at night when your not around? Cali did and every night we had to lock her in the bathroom with her litter box so she had no other place to poop. It works best if you have a tile floor and make sure you pick up all rugs and clothing except for her and the kittens bed. If its just tile flooring she doesn't have anything to feel like shes covering her poop with. after a week of this cali got the idea and has never gone to the bathroom in the house again.to prevent going in the tub put about an inch of water in the bottom. the other thing I was thinking is mabey the litter box is too close to the kittens? Cats don't like going where they sleep and nurse their young. the best thing though is being paitent and not give up on her.

one other thing what kind of litter do you have? that makes a big difference. if its those pellets my cats HATED those and refused to use the box.
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