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Hahaha so somehow I JUST now discovered Skype and I think it's one of the best things ever invented! I just talked to my mom (who was downstairs at the other computer LOL) and it was hilarious. This will do wonders for me and my long-distance boyfriend!!!
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I discovered it in February thanks to my dad, and have since gotten a few friends on it as well - it really is great to be able to see my best friends that are living 800 miles away from me since I moved away - it's ALMOST like being there. Not quite, but pretty darned close.
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I have been suing it for many years... It is great! Since my whole family is in Brazil, getting to talk to them "face to face" for free for as long as we want is the best thing in the world! It makes me feel close to them - I love Skype!
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