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What's the most expensive thing your cat has damaged? Henry broke our toilet...

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There is a raised tile banister/shelf in between the bathroom counter and the toilet, separating the two. I had two little glass votive holders on the banister.

Well, Henry knocked off the candle holder and it managed to fall into the toilet at just the right angle so as to smash a hole in the side of the toilet bowl, causing water to leak everywhere. So gross!

$150 for a new toilet. Yay.

Henry is such a menace. He bolts across rooms like a maniac, whereas our other two cats are dainty and never knock anything over.

How much damage have your cats done?
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I bought my parents a set of Waterford crystal champagne flutes for their last anniversary.... I had them out on the counter to show the BF...walked away for about two minutes...heard a crash. Came running into the kitchen and apparently Luke and Harvey had been chasing each other and Luke took refuge on the kitchen counter, sliding and taking out both champagne flutes. They cost around $100. I took a picture of the damage and gave it to my parent's instead, . Mom thought it was hilarious.
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A brand new leather sectional sofa, that I should have known better than to bring into the house.
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a computer laptop she urinated in postop. It is just a machine - she is my baby!
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A laptop and sofa and chair.

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I've been lucky. Neither Chynna or Abby are destructive, so they haven't damaged anything.

However, I used to have a cat that clawed everything, and she completely destroyed a couch and chair. I had another cat that started peeing on everything after she had surgery. She ruined a brand new couch and one of my down quilts.
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You know how your cat just loves a challenge? they see that high up shelf and seem to think. "I want up there" well..that was my situation..Once upon a time when he was little...Skunk jumped and it just so happened that I had precious breakables up there..including an expensive Snow globe.

End of story \t
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A $100 wooden silverware chest (full of silverware), was pushed off the top of my fridge. Not only did the chest shatter, but it destroyed the kitchen floor ($1000). That chest probably weighed 30 pounds and I'm still amazed that the cats managed to do that. Oops.
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Henry broke your toilet?

I looked at his photo in Your Cats....
your handsome boy looks like he is full of mischief.

Cool it Henry...
you cutie pie.
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They broke a $250 crystal lamp I never figured out who did it. I heard a loud crash and there it was on the floor with Amber (who was a kitten at the time) and Lil Roar, both standing there looking at it as if to say, "it wasn't me".
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Cammy is bound and determined to destroy our plasma screen tv...$500 (we got a super good deal on it). She hasn't done it yet though. We put double-stick tape on the top and that's actually worked quite a bit. She's also attempting to destroy our couch now another $500.
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Just my desk chair $99.
They are allowed to claw it though as it's easier and cheaper to replace a desk chair than it is to have a travel trailer recarpetted/reupholstered.

I have very good girls, they don't claw or chew on anything they aren't supposed to.
Except Jade, she will chew shoelaces if she can get to them...I keep my shoes in a closet.
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Let's see...

Midori is sweet and calm doen't ususally destroy things thank goodness...

Aya, on the other hand, well let me make you a list of things destroyed in the last 5 months:

Pillow 1000yen
Beanbag 2000yen
tights (lost track, probably a dozen pair at 11USD each)
shirt 40USD
sofa 9000yen
2 sets curtains 5000yen
sofa cover 5000yen...

she was also a contributing factor in my rug meeting its demise ans has been scratching up the wood trim in my apartment...

She's also been working on my laundry hamper, and a couple baskets, just 'cause...

And she almost destroyed by laptop by spilling a cup of hot razzberry tea on it...
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I forgot about the other damage Henry has done...

- ripped my home office chair to shreds
- used my over-the-door shoe organizer as a climbing wall, resulting in claw marks on some of my favorite pairs of shoes
- has started using a lamp shade as a scratching surface

Henry has done more damage than our dog (Our dog, who is now an 11 month old lab, has chewed one of my bras, ripped a whole in my favorite pairs of jeans, chewed my SO's hat and favorite belt...but that's it so far).
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
A brand new leather sectional sofa.
The sofas for me as well, and they were only a few weeks old when Sophie christened them

Jack copied her and he did the most damage, but now they both get their claws trimmed. My fault though for not trimming them sooner
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they havent really broke anything flash nearly broke herself eating something she shouldnt have
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Oh, my!!

I'm reading all these, thinking how lucky our cats are that we love them so much and that the things that are destroyed are worth money, but not worth as much as our kitties.

The only thing I was sort of upset about that Larry destroyed was a milk-glass dinner bell. It had been sitting in the closet of my old room at my mom's for over 40 years. The Christmas before I got Larry, I finally decided, "Hey! Why don't I take that back to NY with me?" I brought it home, put it on the pass-through between the kitchen and the dining area, got Larry a week later, and within a few weeks, he had knocked it off the pass-through and it shattered. *sigh* I'd say I really liked that bell, but I had lived without it so long, I guess it didn't matter that much. Just so ironic.
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Speck uses the posts of our mahoghany rice bed as scratching posts. He's pretty much ruined them. The good news is, we live in NC, which is considered a furniture capital. So while replacing a solid wood bed in another state might costs thousands of dollars, it isn't nearly as much here. That's how I like to justify it, anyway. We are, of course, anti-declaw so I just view things like this as something that goes with owning a cat.
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I gave up on the idea of displaying breakable objects after a blown glass perfume bottle that I thought I'd placed in a safe location got broken. Some of the other items that my cats have destroyed recently include:

Cat fountain
Garbage can
About a hundred sets of earbuds
Roughly a thousand rolls of paper towels (We finally bought a bread box so we can protect our paper towels but still have them on the counter.)
King size box spring (still functional, but doesn't look pretty!)

The little stinkers are lucky I love them!
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Jack, is the destroyer of a custom made couch I bought 2 months before adopting him. I am still fighting that war, but even if I win now I think it may be too late. He has also destroyed multiple lamp shades on the same lamp by knocking it over.

And shoes... he just can't help but scratch my shoes if they are out anywhere he can get them.
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If there's earphones - Eden's gonna eat them!

Mine have destroyed a variety of things. I like to thank Squishy for spraying to the point that the bathroom paint was yellow & I had to repaint. Oh & he did the basement in. Carpet - walls - furniture....yep he spayed it all.
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Oh! How could I forget my 2 laptop chargers at $60 each...

(Mattie likes to chew cords. Most of the cords in our house are wrapped in conduit. It's my fault for leaving the laptop charger out.)
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Bella has decided that my leather tote bag is a good scratching surface...this in spite of trimmed claws, a near forest of posts and cardboard boxes

She is so lucky to be loved...she also clawed at a pleather ottoman...then I put double sided tape on it (which cured her but didn't completely come off)...not sure what's worse, sticky/hairy furnature, or scratches
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Itty Bitty jumped up on the mantle and knocked down and antique frame and the frame crashe onto a glass table that was under the mantle....she cut her lil paw trying to flee the scene and got blood on my rug
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When my three were kittens they were bad about chewing on just about anything they could get into their mouths. One evening DH and I came home to find that they had almost completely severed the cable on our computer monitor. Thankfully, my hubby is pretty electronically inclined and was able to splice the wires and salvage the monitor.
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Simon hasn't damaged much yet (aside from a cardboard box) but he likes to walk off with things and hide them. He keeps trying to steal my tablet pen. I've given him my old tablet pen to play with instead. He doesn't do anything with it, just picks it up, puts it somewhere and walks away.

Can't lose the newer one, though xD; so I keep that one away from him.
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My glasses, Little miss chewed the plastic covered parts that go over your ears off.
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guardian is so mellow he has never destroyed anything but cali has:

eaten 12 pairs of ear buds
ripped up an entire corner of my carpet in my apartment
shredded both arms of my couch
sliced open a screen when she was in heat
ripped down all the horizontal blinds in my apartment
pulled all the down out of my last blanket
sliced open aries's nose(last week)
shredded so many rolls of paper towels I lost count.
had problems potty training and urinated in every corner
spilled red koolaid on my carpet (hid it under a rug)
chewed a corner of said rug.
broke 3 vases, two bowls, and 9 cups.
knocked potted plants off my shelves until I decided to hang them from the ceiling.
jumped from bookshelf on to said hanging plant and pulled the hook from the celing along with a whole bunch of plaster.
BUT the best of all is she knocked over my husbands 42 inch plasma t.v onto a glass table and shattered the table. Thank god the t.v was ok.

sigh i love her
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The most expensive thing one of our cats has damaged was the vet! We didn't have to pay for it, but he did require 12 stitches. We all laugh about it now....

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Too much to mention.....including my sanity.....
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