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New outdoor enclosure

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Due to our circumstances I knew we needed something to contain Ginger's kittens as they grow--and I'd been looking for a safe way for my boys to go outside.

So this is what came out of my mind--with some minimal help from the internet. The whole project cost me about $30. It will takes its first outdoor trial tomorrow. Its about 5'x2'x2'

What do you think? Don't you love my assistants?

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Looks pretty good to me! I am thinking the same thing--getting my kitties to breathe the fresh air. We'll see, cuz if Spring doesn't get here soon, there won't be any fun happenin!
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Great job !! Very creative. And it has been cat tested by your assistant. Looks like it passed inspection. Awesome.
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It has been cat tested and semi-cat approved. They seem to really like it when the doors are open, but when I locked Jack in, he cried. We'll see how the test run goes later today.

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Really great job! I think once it's outside and being used, there will be too many things to watch and keep them occupied to cry. Being inside the enclosure in the house is different.
Let us know tomorrow how well it works!
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You did an awesome job My cats would love it if I did something like that!!
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Nice work!
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Seems a little small? But, I see potential for adding on to that if you wanted to in the future.
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Interesting! My boyfriends mother and I have been talking about converting the shed into a cat room for our older fosters, that gives me some interesting ideas.
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Honestly its intent was for the kittens to have added room so anything was bigger than the current large dog crate.

The fact that it was built and in 10 weeks will have no purpose just meant the boys could go outside safely as well--and it can definitely be added on to--its actually comparable in size to many premade I looked at and much cheaper.

Thanks for the critiques both positive and negative.

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