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My last cat was indoor/outdoor, she'd use the litterbox if she had to, but she'd rather go outside.

Well, Fin isn't going outside. Cats have been disappearing left and right around here.

So, I have to have a litterbox. When I first got him, I was half expecting an owner to show up, so I just got a little bag of the scented clay litter from walmart. Man, that stuff stinks! They didn't have the unscented in small bags. He poops alot (more than normal maybe?) and it is smelly! I assume he was on crappy food. He's eating Natures Recipe now, not the best, but not friskies. Hopefully it will get better. Still stinks, and he smells like the nasty scented litter. I thought there was something I had used before that worked better than cat litter (feline pine and the such is an option, but not this month, no money left after paying taxes). Then I was at the petstore, saw the "worlds best cat litter" and remembered. Chicken Feed! Yay. $11 for 40 lbs. And I can compost it!