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Cat's Hind Legs Giving Out

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Hello my fur friends... It's been a long time since I posted on the board, but am always lerking. My problem child Simba has been relatively healthy the past few months and we have been enjoying the break. However, last night I noticed that when he tries to walk or jump his hind leg/legs give out and he falls to the side. Almost like he is losing his balance. His spirits are good, he doesn't seem uncomfortable, is eating and drinking, and bathroom normally, etc... I have a vet appt. first thing in the morning, but was just wondering if anybody has experienced this. I'm very worried, as I can't imagine this is a minor issue. He did suffer from chronic ear infections a few months back and had to have part of his middle ear removed. I was wondering if it could be an equilibrium problem, but the surgery he had was 5 months ago. Is it possible for symptoms to show up all these months later? It's very strange that he doesn't seem to be bothered by it and is still walking and jumping. Any input anybody could give would be greatly appreciated, I'm just very worried about my boy.
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It could be so many things, and high on the list is a stroke. That said, our kitty had the same problem. I am SO SORRY I do not remember the name of what it was - I'll see if I can search and find it. It was the result of an infection that was self-resolving, and it was gone in two days. We felt very lucky and were very relieved!

Simba will be fine.

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Found it:

And maybe it does have to do with the middle ear infection! Read the link in that thread.

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Thanks for the info Laurie... and your kind words
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Please post an update after you've seen the vet?

Sending more

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With those symptoms, I think it's best to go to an emergency vet right away. I wouldn't delay it until tomorrow morning.
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just an update on Simba.... we went to the vet this morning. She said his brain function seems to be fine and nothing looks physically wrong, as far as broken bones etc... She thinks it could possibly be an equilibrium issue related to his past ear infections or his ear surgery the he had a few months back. Or, it could be that he is starting again with another ear infection. Due to his past history with fungal infections in the ear she put him back on an anti-fungal medication, and gave me Prednisone to give him for the next 3 days. She it going to check with some of her expert colleagues to see if this could be related to the ear surgery he had even though it was 5 months ago. She also mentioned that sometimes when cats and dogs get older this can just happen out of the blue and it usually adjusts itself within 72 hours. I need to follow back up with her on Thursday and go from there. All in all, she didn't seem overly concerned and said the balance issue would be the best case scenario. Meanwhile, it's like living with a drunken sailor but I'll continue to watch him closely.
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That sounds very much like what happened with our Shel. I hope it resolves itself soon, and SO glad to hear his brain function is fine!

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Laurie.... how long before your kitty started to show signs of improvement? If this is in fact what Simba has, I read online where it can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. His demeanor is perfectly fine and he is in great spirits. I'm just afraid he is going to hurt himself trying to jump up on something while losing his balance.
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In Shelly, it only took two days, but I'm pretty sure he was starting to have the problem the day before, so it would have been 3. They gave him no meds when we took him to the emergency vet, and by the time came for our appt with our regular vet, he was better.

this will resolve quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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